It's the Taco or Beer Challenge Tampa Bay 2020
August 18th through September 20th

Help us raise funds for Abortion Access!
sponsors an annual Taco or Beer Challenge.
This is TBAF's second year to participate!

How can YOU play AND support
abortion access in Tampa Bay?

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1) EAT a taco or DRINK a beer
(or some other fav)

2) Donate ANY amount ONLINE or by VENMO.

3) SHARE using #TOBC20
and tag 3 or more friends
Abortion Rights Activist

Day joined the TBAF Board and friends from Tampa
to rally with thousands from across the US for
Abortion Access at the Supreme Court in March 2020.

Day had the best sign ~

"You wouldn't regulate my VAGINA if it fired BULLETS"

Her far too early loss from COVID complications leaves
friends and family devastated.

Day was a champion of many causes and it was an honor
to have known her in the fight for abortion access.

Rest in Power Day.

New TBAF Officers
Please Welcome:
April McGrath ~ TBAF President
Michelle Felasco ~ Vice President
Lisa Kovacs ~ Secretary
We couldn't do what we do without our Officers,
our Board, and all of our volunteers and donors.
Thank you for your support!
The Fight for Choice in Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay has been seeing an incredible influx in anti-choice messaging over the summer. TBAF has partnered with several organizations to counter this messaging. We erected a pro-choice billboard in Clearwater, we rallied at a Pence event in Seminole and we have many CHOICE sign-waving events around the Bay area.

If you would like to join us in our activities to oppose the antis,
follow us on social media.
We have a number of pop up events that are both fun and effective.
Our next pop up is 8/23 in North Pinellas.
Supporting Teens in Tampa Bay
TBAF has been assisting teens in accessing abortion
before and since the Forced Parental Consent Bill
was signed into law by DeSantis on June 30th.

Read here about some of the difficulties
our clients have encountered with this unjust law designed to create more obstacles for people seeking abortion access.
For more information, see TeenAbortionFlorida
How can you support abortion access in Tampa Bay?
1) Contact us for Volunteer opportunities
2) Follow us on Social Media and Share!
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3) Donate

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Safe Legal Accessible Abortion