Dear Friends & Partners,
What a surprise event we ran into yesterday here in Sacramento, CA!
Not having any ministry schedule for the Sunday, we decided to go visit one of the larger Charismatic churches in the city with some friends of ours.  After the morning service, our friends introduced us to the Senior Pastor.  We instantly connected with him as I shared my close affiliation with the late Kenneth E. Hagin.  Brother Hagin happens to have been a spiritual father for both myself and this Pastor.  In sharing with him what God had shown me about the coming revival, the Pastor got excited and asked if we could return for the evening service and share briefly with the people about the coming revival.  So we did!
In the service I shared for approximately 10 minutes about the coming revival and sat down.  The Pastor, who was teaching a series on marriage, immediately changed the message to revival and began to preach on revival scriptures from the book of Acts.  Thereafter, he called me up again, we talked a little and the Holy Ghost hit me!  After some time in the anointing, the Pastor called up Shellie also and began to line up the people for us to pray for them.  We had Holy Ghost outpouring for about an hour of praying for everybody!!!  A few got hit by the Fire too!
After the conclusion of the service some more people came up for prayer and fellowship.  We left amazed at the surprise of the Lord and how He redirected the service to include us in ministry for the evening.
What made the events of the Sunday evening service even more spectacular is the fact that Shellie had a special encounter with Holy Spirit early on the Sunday morning when He burst out in laughter with her as she took her first sip of morning coffee!  He was shaking His head with laughter saying "You have no idea what I'm about to do!" He laughed and laughed and laughed!  To our surprise, what He was about to do, actually happened that very day and evening!!! 
This is the first of many more Holy Ghost surprises that Lord has in store for us AND for all of you!  Let the Revival breakout!
Come Revival Fire...Come!



Scroll forward to 35:45 to hear and watch the SURPRISE SERVICE! 
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God bless,
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