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Consciousness Circle


The Ego Is Not The Real YOU
Wisdom to Transcend the Mind and Realize the Self
David Hawkins MD PhD

... this month we will be focusing on


Last month we began our study together, transcending the small self (the little "me") as we deepened our practice into moving beyond the ego, beyond mind and beyond the sense of WHO one is.

Consider this perspective, offered by Dr. Hawkins, in disseminating the spiritual path for growth:
"project oneself ahead to one's deathbed and ask,
which decisions do I want to be accountable for at that time?"


True self is longed for... and often sought after. Songs and prose are written highlighting the journey towards real self, memes abound and many late night discussions include the declarations to find one's TRUE path.
Yet, this isn't just a journey it is a surrendering. A surrendering of
the self... a dissolving of the ego.
For most of US, this doesn't occur in one step but in many practice steps.

Consciousness Circle is just that... a place to gather practice steps. A place to share the experience of those steps... a place where we get to share the things we have and are accountable to every step of the WAY.

It's powerful... thought provoking, consciousness shifting... and spiritually vulnerable.

We keep coming back because the accountability piece mixed with what Dr. Hawkins refers to as ... "holy company" blends are daily experience into practice. The opportunity to clarify psycho-spiritual teachings from the bench of Dr. Hawkins, Dr. Bickford and other (Hawksonian picked) spiritual leaders... culminates into a life brew that softens the sludge from our daily life and opens our matrix to vision and understanding... of what we always have been (!!!) and have meant to BE.

Are you willing to let go of seeing yourself as the ego believes you to be? Are you willing to go further, to know that the ego itself is an illusion?
In my clinical practice and in my own personal path, I have witnessed many times over, the realization of SELF (the WHAT one is) to be the ultimate healer for the psychological woundings of life.

I invite you to join us... the material is delicious, thought bending and moment to moment applicable.

We will digest this book over the next TWO months...
Our endeavor THIS MONTH will be SURRENDERING
  • the self (Ego/Mind)

Samplings of the Teachings:

  • Curiously, the ego’s hold is weakened by acceptance, familiarity, and compassionate understanding; in contrast, it is reinforced by self-criticism, condemnation, fear, and shame.

  • It is well to keep in mind at all times that the ego/mind does not experience the world but only its own perception of it.


... Behind the chatter (small self) is the quiet you seek; as you watch the chatter, not responding to it, it will diminish, and the beauty and peace being sought appears.
We can live in this world this way, but the distractions are many, yet all are empty and insignificant. The call of society, of family, of humanity is important on the one hand, as all of life is important. And, Ego will tell you that everyone's opinion matters; it doesn't. Ego will tell you that you must play your social roles; you don't. Ego will tell you all kinds of things, all designed to keep you in the regrets and triumphs of the past, or to produce fear or anticipation of the future; you don't have to go there either. The Peace you seek is in the moment, Being One with all that Is.

-Kurt Bickford 1/12/2010-

See you in CIRCLE!
Tracy J Covington, PhD. AAPM