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Scottsdale Unified School District | Bond Update 2/2 /18

Thank you for signing up for updates on bond & capital override projects within SUSD. We are committed to transparency throughout this process.

We now have an updated list of school improvement projects, outside of major construction. The Facilities & Building Services Department works to update these lists quarterly. The winter updates are now posted and include the latest target dates for projects like painting, flooring and wireless technology installation for every SUSD school. We have links to those updated lists here, or you can find them anytime on


There have been several updates to SUSD's major construction projects in the past two weeks. 

At Hohokam, construction is temporarily on hold, pending further discussion by the SUSD Governing Board. We will share information here when we get any updates on the status of the Hohokam rebuild.

At Hopi, an updated floor plan was shared with the community this week, showing a modification to the main classroom building. The modified plan reflects the school's goal of reduced enrollment over the next two years. Accordingly, a section of rooms that would have been used for flex space has been removed from the plan. You can find the current plan in the Hopi section of

At Cheyenne, signs of progress are everywhere! The new gymnasium is taking shape, there's fresh paint on the entryway and the administrative area is newly remodeled. 

RUMOR OF THE WEEK (or: Myth Busting)

The rumor that Kiva will be closed instead of rebuilt continues to circulate. To reiterate what has been stated by District leadership: There are no plans to close Kiva, a high-performing school with a long history in our community. The Governing Board has not yet voted on the next schools to be rebuilt, but Kiva is frequently cited among the schools with the most urgent need for new facilities. We encourage you to check the agendas for upcoming Governing Board meetings, so you will know when the next rebuild projects come before the Board.
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