Your tax dollars at work: A bi-weekly update on bond/override/construction
activity at SUSD schools.
Scottsdale Unified School District | Bond Update 2/23 /18

Thank you for signing up for updates on bond & capital override projects within SUSD. We are committed to transparency throughout this process.

Indeed, it is! We have adjusted our delivery schedule to accommodate the upcoming spring break, and, as a result, your bi-weekly bond update has been moved up one week. However, that also means we have only a few brief updates from the past week.


At Hopi, the new classroom building is really taking shape. Here is what the framework looks like this week:

At Pima,  vertical construction is now underway, and framework has begun on the very first walls of the new classroom building:

RUMOR OF THE WEEK (or: Myth Busting)

There has been confusion and concern this week about the status of our construction projects in light of legal documents reported in the media. Please know that construction work has not been stopped. Progress continues at Cheyenne, Hopi and Pima. 
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Thank you for your dedication to our Scottsdale students and schools!