Your tax dollars at work: A bi-weekly update on bond/override/construction
activity at SUSD schools.
Scottsdale Unified School District | Bond Update 3/23 /18

Thank you for signing up for updates on bond & capital override projects within SUSD. We are committed to transparency throughout this process.

It came to our attention, as we were putting together this most recent bi-weekly bond update, that the March 9 update did not go out. We apologize for that and have included an important update from that edition in this newsletter. Thank you.


At Cheyenne
work is nearly complete on the new additions. Crews are putting the final paint on the exterior of the gym, after discussing colors with nearby neighbors and HOAs. Inside the gym, flooring has been installed and finishing touches are in the works. The entire project is wrapping up on time, and Roadrunner 8th graders can look forward to graduating in the new gymnasium.

At Hopiframing of the classroom building is now complete, and exterior wall installations are underway. Crews have begun framework for the new administrative building, which will also house additional classroom space.

At Pima, classroom building framing is still underway and the center slab has been poured. The school's new circular drive is also starting to take shape, as you can see in the photo below.

*From the March 9 newsletter:

On Tuesday, February 27, the SUSD Governing Board voted to suspend the Hohokam rebuild as well as the Central Kitchen project. The Board also voted to pursue legal action to terminate the contracts for both projects. Work had  not yet begun at  Hohokam . Any preliminary design proposals have been removed from the SUSD website to avoid confusion. 

FACT OR FICTION (dispelling construction rumors) 

We have no new rumors to report. We hope any lingering unanswered questions about the current status of SUSD construction projects are addressed in the above updates.  Thanks, and have a great weekend!
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