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Scottsdale Unified School District | Bond Update 10/27/17

Thank you for signing up for weekly updates on bond & capital override projects within SUSD. We are committed to transparency throughout this process, and we welcome your feedback. Like you, we can't wait to see our new schools go up and our existing schools improve.

Track surfacing will begin at Coronado on Monday, October 30. Please note that during the surfacing process, there will be ZERO access to the track and field area for students, staff and the public. This will keep everyone safe and ensure the work is done right, without interruption. Thank you for your patience. 

Track surfacing at Saguaro and Chaparral is set to begin December 12.


On Wednesday, October 25,  the Governing Board voted to continue construction of new school buildings at Hopi, with changes to internal layout, external fa├žade and outdoor use of space.  Teachers and Hopi Rebuild Committee members will continue to be engaged in the process as those design changes are made. Changes already proposed include reducing the size of the east turnaround and swapping internal classrooms with the library and computer labs so that every grade-level classroom has a window. Please note, the floor plans and site layout currently posted on do not reflect these changes or others still to be made.
RUMOR OF THE WEEK ( or: Myth Busting)

We hope to get ahead of a potential rumor before it takes off:

Some people have asked how the Hopi vote this week will impact other schools slated for rebuilds. The answer is they will not be impacted. Citing fiscal responsibility, the Governing Board voted for an option that will have minimal financial impact, and the goal will be to balance out any changes made to Hopi within the existing rebuild budget. In other words, no bond dollars will have to be taken from other schools.
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