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Scottsdale Unified School District | Bond Update 11/3/17

Thank you for signing up for weekly updates on bond & capital override projects within SUSD. We are committed to transparency throughout this process, and we welcome your feedback. Like you, we can't wait to see our new schools go up and our existing schools improve.

On Wednesday, November 1, a group of more than two dozen teachers, parents and neighbors, including members of the Hopi Rebuild Committee, gathered to review revised floor plans for the new classroom, admin and multi-purpose buildings. The floor plans represent all of the proposed layout changes presented to the Governing Board in October. You can view those changes in the images below or on

Other changes include windows for all grade-level classrooms, a height reduction for all three buildings and reduced pavement in the site plan. Teachers and committee members also discussed four potential architectural styles for the exterior. Based on community input, the group chose a mid-century modern approach. We will share artist renderings of the new fa├žade as soon as they are ready.

Also this week, our construction team issued a new start date for initial ground work at Pima. Fences are now expected to go up in December, rather than November. This revised timeline will not affect the estimated completion date. The classroom building is still expected to open next summer.

Finally this week, we are seeing more vertical construction at Cheyenne. Walls are now up around the gymnasium, new playground structures are in place and the basketball courts are complete. The K-3 playground should be open when students return from the Thanksgiving holiday.

RUMOR OF THE WEEK ( or: Myth Busting)

No rumors to bust this week, but we have had some questions from the Coronado community about how long the football field area will be closed for track surfacing. If everything goes smoothly (pun intended) and weather cooperates, the process should take about one month, so we hope to have the track and field back open after the Thanksgiving holiday.
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