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Scottsdale Unified School District | Bond Update 5/26/17

Thank you for signing up for weekly updates on bond & override projects within SUSD. We are committed to transparency through this process, and we welcome your feedback. Like you, we can't wait to see our new schools go up and our existing schools improve.

The first bond projects are officially underway!

Work began this week on SUSD's track & field projects. Coronado, Saguaro and Chaparral are all getting new fields for fall. The above photo shows Coronado on May 21 on the left and May 22 on the right. Watch the construction progress on


On Monday, May 22,  as noted above, work began on the first bond construction projects. Hard hats on!

Also on Monday, May 22, Hohokam hosted a community meeting for parents, teachers and neighbors to view the early site plan for the new campus. Questions were raised about new campus entrance points and traffic flow, which still need to be reviewed by the city. Also at this meeting, a rough construction timeline was released, with work beginning in the fall and major construction complete by spring of 2019. Thanks to all who came!

Also this week, we continued to expand our web page with new and updated design images for Hohokam and Cheyenne and a Frequently Asked Questions section for Hopi.
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RUMOR OF THE WEEK ( or: Myth Busting)

We are pleased to report that we've heard NO misinformation this week! 
Thank you for your dedication to our Scottsdale students and schools!