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Scottsdale Unified School District | Bond Update 6/15/17

Thank you for signing up for weekly updates on bond & override projects within SUSD. We are committed to transparency through this process, and we welcome your feedback. Like you, we can't wait to see our new schools go up and our existing schools improve.

Demolition began this week on the main parking lot at Cheyenne. The goal is to finish all of the demolition work before students return to class in the fall.

Additionally, summer construction continues at  Saguaro, Chaparral and Coronado on their tracks and fields.


Every week, more people sign up for this weekly update on bond and override news. We try to keep this current - only sharing the news of the week - but that means some of you who signed up more recently may have missed news from past editions. So, this week, we'd like to catch you up on a timeline of recent actions. Here are a few of the major highlights we've reported in this newsletter, to date:

Thursday, May 4:  The Governing Board selected contractors for the rebuild of Hohokam and the new additions to Cheyenne.

Tuesday, May 16:  Hopi hosted a community meeting for parents, teachers and neighbors.

Monday, May 22: Construction began on new tracks & fields at Saguaro, Chaparral and Coronado

Monday, May 22:  Hohokam hosted a community meeting for parents, teachers and neighbors.

Wednesday, June 1:  The Governing Board approved the spending of override funds on life-cycle projects at almost every school this summer and fall. This will include building maintenance, classroom door security and new cameras.

Tuesday, June 6:  The Governing Board approved the next step in the process of building new additions to Cheyenne. The vote will allow initial construction to begin this summer. The Governing Board also  gave the approval for architects to begin design work on the district's proposed Central Kitchen project. 

You can also get these updates on, where you'll find select design plans, construction photos and more. We are constantly expanding the information available online.

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