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May 1, 2019
SUSD Books of the Month
Children's book:
Noah Chases the Wind by Michelle Worthington
Noah knew he was different. He could see things that others couldn't, like the patterns in the dust that floated down on sunbeams.

Noah is different. He sees, hears, feels, and thinks in ways that other people don't always understand, and he asks a lot of questions along the way. Noah loves science, especially the weather. His books usually provide him with the answers he needs, until one day, there's one question they don't answer—and that is where Noah's windy adventure begins.
Intermediate grades:
One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia
Eleven-year-old Delphine is like a mother to her two younger sisters, Vonetta and Fern. She's had to be, ever since their mother, Cecile, left them seven years ago for a radical new life in California. But when the sisters arrive from Brooklyn to spend the summer with their mother, Cecile is nothing like they imagined.

While the girls hope to go to Disneyland and meet Tinker Bell, their mother sends them to a day camp run by the Black Panthers. Unexpectedly, Delphine, Vonetta, and Fern learn much about their family, their country, and themselves during one truly crazy summer.
Middle/High School:
Under the Mesquite by Guadalupe Garcia McCall
Lupita, a budding actor and poet in a close-knit Mexican American immigrant family, comes of age as she struggles with adult responsibilities during her mother's battle with cancer in this young adult novel in verse. 

When Lupita learns Mami has cancer, she is terrified by the possibility of losing her mother, the anchor of her close-knit family. Suddenly, being a high school student, starring in a play, and dealing with friends who don't always understand, become less important than doing whatever she can to save Mami's life. 

While her father cares for Mami at an out-of-town clinic, Lupita takes charge of her seven younger siblings. As Lupita struggles to keep the family afloat, she takes refuge in the shade of a mesquite tree, where she escapes the chaos at home to write. Forced to face her limitations in the midst of overwhelming changes and losses, Lupita rediscovers her voice and finds healing in the power of words. 
Stockton Star: Vincent "Vinny" Greco
Meet Vincent "Vinny" Greco, the Maintenance Custodian at Cesar Chavez High School (Stockton, CA). Mr. Greco is being honored as a Stockton Star for an outstanding act of kindness- watch the video to learn more!

SUSD is proud to launch its new "Stockton Stars" series, which will honor extraordinary SUSD employees like Vinny. Nomination form coming soon.

2019 Kennedy Games
Hundreds of student-athletes took to the Chavez High School track this month for the district’s 41st annual Kennedy Games. This is a day-long competition with more than 1,200 SUSD students from 28 schools, each representing a different country.

This year the Kennedy Games was joined by members of the Stockton Athletic Hall of Fame, the Mexican American Hall of Fame, and the African American Hall of Fame.

The Kennedy Games field events included a football throw, six-cone soccer dribble, and an obstacle course. Students were judged on presentation, creativity, coordination, degree of difficulty, and total performance.

The Results
7 th  and 8 th  Grade Overall Points
  • 5th Montezuma Elementary
  • 4th Hamilton Elementary
  • 3rd Commodore Stockton Skills
  • 2nd Marshall Elementary
  • 1st Van Buren Elementary

5 th  and 6 th  Grade Overall Points
  • 5th Van Buren Elementary
  • 2nd (3-way tie)
  • Pulliam Elementary
  • Hoover Elementary
  • Bush Elementary
  • 1st Commodore Stockton Skills

Parade of Nations
  • 5th Stockton Public Safety Academy
  • 4th Commodore Stockton Skills
  • 3rd Pittman Charter
  • 2nd Spanos Elementary
  • 1st Monroe Elementary

SUSD Celebrates Public School Volunteer Week
We want to thank our Board of Trustees for passing Resolution No. 18-40 designating the week of April 22-26, 2019 as Public School Volunteer Week. Public School Volunteer Week was an opportunity to thank all the hundreds of volunteers across Stockton Unified who tirelessly support keeping our communities safe and providing services that otherwise would not exist without volunteers. Our volunteers are comprised of retired SUSD employees, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, sons, daughters, and community members. Volunteers were honored with special presentations, dinners, awards, poems, student artwork, and much more. 

Last year we had a volunteer, Helen Perez, who earned the Josie Armendariz Award award for logging over 824 hours during the school year. This award was created in honor of Josie Armendariz, who inspired the district to host the first Volunteer Recognition Night 34 years ago. Josie retired from Stockton Unified after 28 years of service. 

Mrs. Perez spent countless hours listening to students read, preparing projects, chaperoning field trips, organizing and displaying student work, supporting picture day, organizing fundraisers and serving on School Site Council. It is individuals like Mrs. Perez that help school communities thrive. 

On May 15th we will be recognizing another recipient at our Annual Parent Volunteer Recognition Event as well as two volunteers from each school site. Stockton Unified is so blessed to have many hands to support our community.  

“Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.” – Author Unknown. If you have a passion for working with students and would like to become a Stockton Unified Volunteer please visit our website for more information. 
Willie B. Adkins Scholars Program Now Available in SUSD
The Willie B. Adkins Scholars Program is a new program in SUSD that was implemented this year by the Department of Educational Equity. The program is a college preparatory program that strives to provide middle school and high school students with life skills, Rites of Passage Character Development, tutoring, mentoring services, community service opportunities, SAT/ACT preparation, and local and Historically Black College and University tours.

One of the expected outcomes of the program is to increase the number of African-American students who will graduate college and career ready and enroll in a college or university after high school. Additional components of the program include strengthening student’s cultural awareness, increasing parental support and providing students with a strong network of positive and successful peers/individuals to serve as role models.

The goal of the program is to improve academic achievement, increase high school graduation rates, college and career readiness and increase college graduation rates. As a college preparatory program the goal is to ensure that students leave the program with the right tools and a solid understanding of what is expected of them beyond high school. Since 1986, it has a well-established record of success toward this endeavor. 

The college tour that is offered each year has been the cornerstone contributing to the success of the program by offering a broader opportunity for students to experience the diversity offered at various college and university settings. Many of the students on the tour are accepted by these colleges.

Student scholars who participate in the college tour gain a greater awareness of the importance of a college education. This awareness is demonstrated by the number of students enrolled in college preparatory classes in high school, sharing their new vision of learning with their peers and ultimately enrolling in college. Many of the student graduates are now returning to the community as doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, and business professionals who help a new generation of students to pursue their college dreams.
This year a total of 35 students from the Willie B. Adkins Scholars Program in Vallejo and Stockton went on the out of state college tour March 31st-April 6th. Students traveled to Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. had the opportunity to visit HBCU’s including Morgan State, Hampton and Bowie State. For more information regarding the Willie B. Adkins Scholars Program, Contact Sharon Barnes, Director of Educational Equity at (209) 933-7022 x 1387.
SUSD Police Attend Asparagus Festival
The Stockton Unified School District Police Department once again participated in the Stockton Asparagus Festival, which was held April 12 th through the 14 th at the San Joaquin County Fair Grounds. Several SUSD police officers and explorers staffed our booth this year. We focused on public relations, educating our community about our department, recruiting for SUSD, and showcased the many roles that our personnel fill within the district. This was also the first public event where many of the youth from our newly launched SUSD police explorer program had the opportunity to work alongside of our officers and engage our community.

Over the course of three days, hundreds of people stopped by our booth to learn about our District, pick up brochures, take photos, and meet several of our police officers and support staff. One of many highlights included assisting a distraught mother who lost her 10-year-old daughter in the large crowd. We worked with Stockton Police Department to search for her child, and ultimately found the 10-year old and safely reunited her with her mom. The family was so appreciative of our assistance that she sent a very kind thank you card along with several cookies to our police department. The event was another success for our department, helping to build a stronger trust within the community and provide safety services anyway we can!    
Parent Tip: Surround Your Kids
(Article written by the California State PTA)
Kids eat what is available and what they see adults eating. Surround your kids with healthy options at home and demonstrate good nutrition to encourage a lifetime of healthy eating. Healthy eating habits formed during childhood lead to a healthy life.
Kids need different amounts of foods at different ages, genders and activity levels. Proper nutrition is key.
Parents can teach their children good eating habits by being positive role models in their own choices and by explaining to their children the importance of a balanced diet and how to choose healthy options from each food group. Learn about your child’s  nutrition requirements.

Improve Your Family’s Nutrition Habits

Involve your Kids in Food Choices
  • Include your kids when planning the weekly family menu.
  • Look at your school’s website together to see what is being served, and decide if you will make breakfast and lunch at home or buy it at school.
  • Shop for groceries together. Make a list before you go to the store and only buy foods on the list. Once in the store, let your kids help you find items on the list. Read food labels out loud and talk about the choices you are making.
  • Invite your child to cook with you. They are more likely to try new foods if they’ve helped to prepare them.
  • Hold family tastings. Buy different brands of a healthy food (whole grain pasta, for example) and let family members decide what they like best.

Snack Healthy
  • Healthy snack ideas include:
  • Fruits (sliced or cubed, applesauce or dried fruit without added sugar)
  • Vegetables and dips (try carrots and ranch dressing, celery sticks and peanut butter, snap peas with hummus)
  • Whole grains (pitas, tortillas, rice cakes, popcorn, granola)
  • Low-fat dairy foods (yogurt)
  • Nuts and trail mix
  • Give your child a variety of healthy options, so there is no wrong choice.

Reduce Sugar
  • Offer water, low-fat milk or 100% fruit juice instead of juice drinks, sports drinks or soda.
  •  Do not give sweets or candy as a reward. Try nonfood rewards or family activities instead.

Watch Your Own Habits
  • Never skip meals, especially breakfast.
  • Avoid fast-food restaurants by planning meals and snacks in advance, before leaving home.
  • Eat only when you are hungry. Teach (and show) healthy alternatives to eating when bored, frustrated, anxious or sad. (Exercise, reading and working on a project are good options.)
  • Enjoy family meals together whenever possible.
Upcoming Events
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Photo Galleries
SUSD Police Department K9 Demonstration at Cleveland

SUSD Police Officer Sam Bhardwaj and his K9 partner Luke visited Cleveland Elementary students today to demonstrate Luke's incredible searching skills! Students loved seeing how excited Luke is when he's rewarded with his favorite tennis ball for correctly finding items. Good boy, Luke, and great job to the dynamic duo of Luke and Officer Bhardwaj!

Weber Tech Expo 2019

The Weber Institute Information Technology Academy hosted their annual Technology Expo on April 17. This year’s expo theme was “Escape Room”. Students showed off how they implemented physical computing and other tools to create projects, puzzles, and games .

2019 Imagine Promise Summit

Thank you to everyone who joined us this morning for our 2019 Imagine Promise Summit! Together, we imagined:
  • All students in SUSD graduating college-, career-, and community- ready.
  • A school-to-workforce pathway, whereby students are exposed to internships and hands-on learning experiences.
  • The entire Stockton community coming together to support and invest in SUSD Students.

We welcome the entire Stockton community to become an Imagine Promise Partner at  www.stocktonusd.net/partner ! Participation in the Imagine Promise Partnership Team will provide many opportunities to assist Stockton Unified in its mission to promote STEM and Career & Technical Education pathways, and ensure all students graduate college, career, and community ready.

Chavez Alum Announces New Scholarship for Stockton Students

Chavez High alumni and professional boxer Gabriel Flores visited his Alma Mater today to announce the start of his new scholarship program for hardworking Stockton students. To everyone's surprise, the scholarship's first-ever recipient was in the room- congratulations to Sherwood Ruffin-Turner! Click here to watch our video to learn more about Sherwood. 

Tune in to Gabriel's press conference with ESPN for full scholarship details and be sure to support Gabriel at his May 4 fight at the Stockton Arena!
Victory Teachers Perform 'Uptown Funk' for Students

After the school talent show, Victory Elementary teachers surprised their students with a SECRET PERFORMANCE of ‘Uptown Funk’ by Bruno Mars! Check it out!

Bush and Chavez Literacy Parade

Every year, the Chavez High School Marching Band and several Chavez students parade to Bush Elementary to perform and get students excited about reading. Afterwards, every Chavez student steps into a classroom to read a book. Students and staff alike look forward to this every year. We couldn't be more proud of our Eagles and Titans for holding an incredible event like this. Great work!

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