May 17, 2016
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Upcoming Events
May 19
2016 SUSD Volenteers Reception
May 21
Parent Empowerment Day at the SUSD Professional Development Center; 8am - 5pm
May 21
Children and Youth Day at Pixie Woods; 10am - 3:30pm
Free admission!
June 1
Last day of school for students
June 2
Last day of school for teacher

SUSD Career Fair Success
SUSD's districtwide career fair at the Stockton Civic Auditorium this month was a huge success, drawing more than 3,000 SUSD high school students and 70 different college and career exhibitors.

Dozens of colleges, vocational programs, trade school, the military and community groups participated in the day-long event. Students were transported to the event by school, rotating through the halls, talking to colleges and professionals from a variety of fields.

"I've been coming to Stockton since 1998 and in six or seven trips a year I would get 150 interested students," said California State University, Fresno recruiter Rick Chacon. "Today, in one trip, I had 225 students interested in Fresno State. Next year I am coming with more people and more materials."

The event was put on the SUSD's Career and Technology division, which is promoting college and career readiness.  For more information, contact Ward Andrus, Director, Career and Technical Education, 933-7115, ex.2734.
Graduation/Promotion Schedules
The 2015-2016 school year is nearly over! Plan ahead for your student's K-8 promotion or graduation! Schedules can be found below. Dates are subject to change, so be sure to check the online schedules at 
Parent Tip
Develop Thinking Skills by Teaching Decision Making

Research shows that children who are constantly told what to do are likely to grow up with a problem making decisions for themselves. Making good decisions is key to becoming an independent learner and person.
To build your child's decision-making skills:

1) Increase the number of decisions your child makes. Let her have the final say on things such as what she's going to wear or whether she listens to music while studying.
2) Limit the choices in your child's decision making. If you know she'd choose ice cream for dinner, ask, "Would you like to have a chicken salad sandwich or a grilled cheese?"
3) Guide your child's thinking when she's making a decision. Ask her what will happen if she chooses one toy over another. Which one will she use more?
4) Let your child learn from her mistakes. Experiencing the consequences of her decision will help her make a better decision next time.
5) Praise your child when she makes good decisions.

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Congratulations to SUSD A+ Teachers
Great work by SUSD teachers who received the San Joaquin A+ Awards this month: Michelle Bryson, a Health Careers Academy teacher cited for working Saturdays and helping students prepare for AP tests; Mandy Ponte, a Primary Years Academy teacher who  designs the school's International Baccalaureate units of study weaving together English, arts, math, social studies and science, and Theresa Semillo, a 13-year teacher with Hoover Elementary School noted her her ability to show students how to break down complex math problems to find easy solutions.

San Joaquin A+ announced the winners during a special celebration at the Stockton Gold and Country Club last week. The organizations recognized outstanding teachers from throughout the county. Congratulations to our fabulous teachers!

SUSD Joins the March of Dimes

SUSD students and PLUS teams joined the March of Dimes effort in April to raise money for prematurely born infants who are at risk of disease. The students and staff raised upwards of $8,000 for the cause, beating their own goal and making a significant contribution to the Stockton effort.

Organized by the San Joaquin County Office of Education, the march drew hundreds of walkers to Central Stockton to raise funds. SUSD students and staff wore matching PLUS t-shirts and were joined by Superintendent Julie Penn, County Superintendent Jamie Mousalimas, local organizations, and many local families.

The district organized competitions to inspire interest in the event. Winners were Edison High School and El Dorado Elementary, which raised the most money. For Best in Show, Henry Elementary students showed up in the biggest numbers from one school. And all of the participating high school students received letters of commendation from Superintendent Penn.

Public Safety Academy Open House
SUSD's new Public Safety  Academy held an Open House at its Stagg High School site this month, drawing prospective students and their families to visit law enforcement and public safety programs that will be offered.

Special thanks to PSA partners who came out to share their areas of expertise: City of Stockton Police Department, San Joaquin Delta College, Stockton Unified Police Department, California Highway Patrol, and the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office, among others.

The new program opens for 5th through 8th grades in August in a separate facility on the Stagg campus. It is modeled after the Fairfield-Suisun Public Safety Academy and will link San Joaquin Delta programs once secondary years are added. For more information or to apply to PSA contact program Coordinator Megan Russo at 933-7445, Ex. 8457 or

1852 Foundation Launches
The SUSD 1852 Foundation for student achievement launched in April with a successful night of jazz and celebration. Keynote speaker University of the Pacific President Pamela Eibeck addressed the value of early education for students moving towards college and the unique opportunities that programs outside the classroom offer them.

Her Beyond Our Gates initiative is one program that is offering students access and resources to help them achieve. The schools can't do it alone, she said "it truly does take a village. Our village."

SECA AP government teacher Russell Lewis agreed. Students benefit greatly from exposure to programs outside of class. Students from higher income districts can afford to pay fees and the costs of extracurricular help, he said. His students do achieve and can certainly do the same work, but are at a disadvantage when it comes to competitions and certain academics because they just cannot afford what students in other districts can.

"They really can do the work and excel. We need to have faith in them and get these students all the help that other students receive," he said.

The money raised by 1852 will address that gap. All funds are earmarked for programs that are outside the regular classroom but advance achievement. The foundation, overseen by a committee and full board of directors, will hold its initial fundraiser in September. Big thanks to those have contributed already. Contributions can be made to the SUSD 1852 Foundation, 701 Madison St., Stockton, Ca. 95201.

The foundation is a registered non-profit organization. For more information call Dianne Barth at 933-7025.
Weber Tech Automotive on the Move
Weber Tech's automotive program has just had its five-year accreditation renewed by the National Automotive Technician Education Foundation, which relied on industry leaders to review and evaluate the program.

The program has had big success this year, with students passing 16 ASE industry certifications. These student learn to troubleshoot automotive engineering in areas like network, computer, module, electrical, fuel and ignition systems.

Principal Katrina Johnson Leon said her students are able to go directly into jobs in automotive shops all over the state. "Students walk out of Weber  Automotive Academy with a diploma and industry certification," she said. "True college and career readiness."

Recently General Motors donated 14 new engines for student training. Such community support makes a significant difference to school's efforts. Thank you General Motors and Toyota Town, San Joaquin County Fleet Services and Mike Martini of Martini's Auto Repair for helping with the program's accreditation renewal.
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