May 21, 2015
Franklin "Honks" for Theater Success
Franklin High School's production of "Honk!," a theatrical take off of, "The Ugly Duckling," was a splash this month with terrific singing, stage production and even a star performance by Franklin drama coach Elisa Griffin! The final production featured 7th through 12th graders from the high school and the Franklin IB Middle Years program, including Miguel Barrer,7th, Elissa Lyn Apiag, 10th, Daniel Lee, 12th, and as Tom Cat, senior Caleb San Nicholas.

There were the ducklings, Princess Vongchahn, Yuliana Baker, Katrina Rascon, and Amarey McKinney, all 8th, and the rest of the cast, including a turkey, a flock of swans, a wayward family of geese, a magpie and, of course, the bullfrog.

The Franklin players: Dakota Turner, 11th, Rachael Romandia, 8th, Arianna Flores, 7th, Melody Machuca, 12th, Joshua Alcantar, 11th, Silana Smith, 8th, Michaela Hill, 8th, Natalie Torres, 9th, Alyssa Origer, 9th, and Hayden Withers, 7th.

Special thanks to Laura Hernandez, who helped with stage management and sound, the Costume Design Technology students and the IB team for lighting and other assistance. Come visit the theater next year for productions of "The Crucible", "Too Soon to Say Goodbye," and Shakespeare's "As You like It."
SUSD Pinnacles of Achievement
Congratulations to the nineteen SUSD students named The Record's 2015 Pinnacle Award winners! Pinnacle students make up the top 1 percent of graduating seniors in San Joaquin and Calaveras counties based on academics, extracurricular involvement, and citizenship.

Congratulations also to the fifty-nine Distinguished Students from SUSD, who make up the next two percentage of graduating seniors after the Pinnacle students. A special section published in The Record newspaper last Sunday, May 17, shared the Pinnacle students' photos and biographies, as well as the list of Distinguished Students. Congratulations to all!

Chavez High School
Allan Moua
Lisa Nguyen
Tiffany Jane Foronda Scott
Veenus Sharma
Jimmy T. Hoang
Edison High School
Taryn Auerback
Monica Martinez
Zaira Yessenia Hernandez
Ava Corales
Franklin High School
Crystal Beltran-Sanchez
Franklin Paul Barcinas
Jacob Keller
Alexis I. Ramirez
Stagg High School
Vincente Arburua
Andres Andrade
Sereena Nand
Stockton Early College Academy
Java Darleen Villlano
Health Careers Academy
Linda Zaro
Weber Institute
Pamela Nacion

SUSD Schools Rank Tops State, Nation

Congratulations to two SUSD high schools ranked this week among the top in the state and the nation for preparing students for college. Stockton Early College Academy ranked 31st in the state and 184th in the nation for college readiness, earning it the U.S. News and World Report gold ranking, the highest for any high school in San Joaquin County.


Pacific Law Academy was also ranked: 124th in the state and 647th in the nation, earning PLA a silver medal. The annual rankings covered more than 29,000 public high schools in 50 states and the District of Columbia. In California, 900 schools were ranked; nationally 2,199 were.


Stunning performances were also reported for SUSD's Health Careers Academy and Weber Institute, both smaller high schools providing excellent programs for academic and career development. Both schools received bronze medals under a college readiness index based on exam participation and passage rates.


Congratulations to SECA, PLA, Health Careers Academy and Weber Institute! Well done!

Welcome to PYA's "It's a Small World"
In the spirit of their International Baccalaureate affiliation, Primary Years Academy students last week presented families with their own version of "It's a Small World." Students in every class performed culturally specific dances, song and poetry. The students wore beautiful costumes reflecting their chosen countries and introduced their parents to the French Can-Can dance, songs from Italy, Mexico and India, a Zulu Warrior performance from South Africa, a Polynesian Island song and dance and a fun performance of "Fish-n-Chips and Vinegar in Mr. Schafer's gloriously British classroom.

Parents were led by student ambassadors to each performance and closed the evening with dessert in the courtyard, transformed into a French caf? for the night. One of the goals of the International Baccalaureate schools is to develop knowledgeable young people who help to create a more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.
Madison Mother's Day Poetry
Madison Elementary students kicked off Mother's Day weekend by making mom cry -- tears of joy, that is! Madison teacher Cheryl Schuppe and Special Education Assistant Pam Lindford helped Schuppe's 4th grade class organize a beautiful Mother's Day Social complete with cupcakes, treats, and student-written poetry about the #1 lady in their lives- their mom!

Each student spent six to seven weeks perfecting their moving and often emotional poems.  "This event was such a success. I received positive feedback from all the parents after this event," said Schuppe. "When the students were finished with their poetry readings there wasn't hardly a dry eye in the audience." 

Thank you to Mrs. Schuppe and Mrs. Lindford for helping our students creatively celebrate their mothers this year and great work by the students!

SUSD Students Celebrate the Magna Carta
SUSD students paid homage to the San Joaquin County Bar Association's Law Day theme this year - a celebration of the Magna Carta and the founding of the United States Constitution.

Harrison Elementary 7th and 8th graders performed dramatic tableaus telling the story of the British Magna Carta and what that meant for the new world. The students donned period costumes and re-enacted the royal signing of the historic document and then later the colonists embracing its tenants of equity and freedom.

They carried signs that reflected the "grand charter," with the early posters demanding "Your Taxes Due to the King NOW," and later "No Taxation Without Representation."

The Harrison performance was followed by the Stockton Early College Academy Mock Trial team's presentation of their current trial re-enactment, illustrating in the half-hour performance how the Magna Carta translated into a modern day legal system that requires proof of guilt before sentencing.

SUSD has been a proud partner of the Bar Association for its annual Law Day celebrations. This year was especially meaningful with a theme that addresses such an important part of American history. Great job Harrison and SECA!

Click here to view photos.
Enroll Your Child in a Summer Program
It's nearly summer! Plan now to enroll your students in some fun but educational programs to help them get ahead next year. Below are the links to view summer programs offered by the school district, the city of Stockton, the Children's Museum, the library, the YMCA and others.

List of 2015 Summer Programs: English | Spanish
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Graduation Is Almost Here
Click here to view SUSD graduations times and places. Congratulations to all of the SUSD 2015 graduates! 
Congratulations to our 2015 Retirees!

Thank you to Interim Superintendent Julie Penn, the Board of Education, the Reception Committee, and all event sponsors for making the 2015 Retirement Dinner such a memorable night. Congratulations to all seventy-three SUSD retirees and thank you for your years of service!

Jane Frederick Students Compete in "Brick-By-Brick"
Jane Frederick High held another successful "Brick by Brick" competition last week! Students in Mr. Tom Miller's masonry class worked hard for 90 minutes to build the best brick walls they could for the competition. Fellow students, family members and friends all attended the competition to show their support. Everyone in attendance joined the school for a barbecue in the courtyard while guest contractors judged the brick walls. Frederick student Rudy Hanes placed 1st, placing 2nd was Shawn Phang and 3rd place was Steven Moyer. Great work by all who competed and congratulations to the winners!

Supporting Common Core State Standards
Try a little math everywhere you go!

The Common Core State Standards for Math will require your child to develop a deeper understanding of math. A key to his or her success will be their ability to apply what they know in order to solve real-world problems. Everyday life offers you and your child plenty of opportunities to build important math skills:

1) At the grocery store, ask your child to read prices out loud, count the items in the cart, weigh vegetables and other produce, compare unit prices, or estimate the total cost of your grocery bill.
2) In a restaurant, have your child find menu items that cost less than $3, more than $5, etc. Together, estimate the total bill, the tip or the amount of change you will get back.
3)  At the shopping mall, look for sale items. If an item has been marked down, let your child subtract the sale price from the original price to determine the amount of savings. Or point out percent-off signs and estimate together what the sales price will be (10% of $35 = $3.50; $35-$3.50=$31.50).
4) In your neighborhood, count the number of birds, animals or cars you see. Notice geometric shapes (right angles, rectangles, cones and spheres) in windows and buildings. Estimate the height and width of objects, and how far you walk.
5) On a bus or train, read the schedule together. Discuss departure and arrival times. Figure how long the trip will take and when you will get there. Count the number of seats and estimate how many people the vehicle holds.
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