March 18, 2015
Peyton Elementary Science Fair

Peyton Elementary eighth graders worked hard on their science projects that were displayed this year at the school's Science Night. The event, organized by Peyton teacher Rodney Huff, allowed students to give live demonstrations of the projects they've worked tirelessly to perfect since the beginning of the quarter.


The science projects included creating synthetic quicksand, dry ice bubbles, homemade lava lamps, and a 'Magic Ball,' as created by eighth grader Aaron Sanchez and three of his classmates. To create a magic ball, the group experimented with different household items, such as glue and food coloring, to create homemade bouncy balls. "People enjoyed [our demonstration] because they got to take home the ball they made. Instead of thinking science is boring, I hope that they can now see that it's fun," Sanchez said.


Like other students, Jordin Batchelor enjoyed the opportunity to teach others about the wonders of science. "I was worried people wouldn't like my 'Fan Friction' project, but it turned out to be a huge hit! I really liked explaining friction to everyone using books."


Great work by the eighth grade students on their creative projects and those who organized this educational event!


Click here to view more photos of Peyton's Science Night.

PLUS Summit Draws SUSD Leaders

Hundreds of SUSD sixth, seventh and eighth graders packed the Spanos Center at the University of the Pacific last week for a student leadership summit to talk about ways to continue to make schools happier places of learning for ALL students.

Students from throughout the district participated in the Peer Leaders Uniting Students day-long workshop led by PLUS director John Vandenburgh, SUSD coordinator Jillian Glende and education services director Reyes Gauna. Superintendent Julie Penn was a featured speaker, getting the nearly 900 students to their feet in a rousing chorus of support for the power of student inclusion and leadership.

The PLUS program launched in the high schools two years ago and was such a success it was expanded to the elementary schools, where teams of student leaders engage students to make them feel welcome and part of the school family. The students intervene in bullying, disagreements and other school issues that in the past would have solely been addressed by adults on campus.


"No one wants to be alone. Every student at your school wants a friend. They want to be included," Vandenburgh said. "You are the ones to make a difference."

In fact, the data reported that day show rates of bullying and crime son campus down significantly from years past and far lower than state and national averages. Congratulations to the PLUS Teams at our schools!

For more information on the PLUS leadership program, which includes teams of more than 200 students at each school, call Jillian Glende at 933-7130, extension 8266. 

Literacy in SUSD Schools

SUSD schools are focusing on literacy this spring with events aimed at improving reading among the elementary school students. Read to Me Stockton delivered a reading program for Kennedy Elementary parents and young children in a Ready-To-Read Workshop earlier this month.

SUSD's Parent Empowerment team offered a Reading for Success workshop at Washington Elementary School. Parents were taught the value of reading every single night to young children to encourage them to read themselves as they get older. At the end of the workshop, parents pledged to spend 20 minutes reading with their child every night.

Finally Monroe Elementary held a hugely successful Literacy Night for hundreds of parents and students. Student work, much of it outsized poster boards illustrated to represent the student's favorite books filled the cafeteria. Teachers ran interactive reading exercises at the tables and Splash, the Stockton Ports' mascot, circulated passing out words of encouragement for young readers.

The highlight was a guest appearance by noted author/poet Terry A. O'Neal who spent time with the students, giving them personal encouragement about reading and writing, before taking the stage for a terrific salute to reading to learn about the world - and yourself.

The literacy events continue this month after the break. Remember: Read every single day! The Stockton/San Joaquin Public Library has plenty of wonderful books and a specific list of titles that support the new Common Core instruction standards.

Crocker Brings Africa to Pittman School

The Crocker Art Museum of Sacramento shared a treasured experience with Pittman Elementary School this month. They sent the Crocker Art Arc to the campus for a week! The arc is actually a traveling exhibit featuring three separate rooms for interactive displays and hands-on activities for schools. This year the exhibit is Africa.


Principal Adrienne Machado said the project was a huge success among students, who were able to learn about the culture in an engaging way. They toured the mobile museum and went back to their classrooms to  create artworks that could have come straight out of the sub Sahara. Pittman's cafeteria was hung with the student work: gorgeous masks, paintings, and textile reproductions reflecting African culture - and the experience in the traveling arc.

Schools can rent the arc, complete with a curator to describe the exhibits and walk the students through the interactive features about the land, forests and cultures by the week. Pittman has hosted the arc twice. Each year a different culture is featured and taught. For more information, contact the Crocker Art Museum.
Rotary Read-In

Thank you to all of the Stockton Rotary clubs and the hundreds of volunteers who staged the city's biggest reading event yet on February 26. We had community members in just about every pre-k through 3rd grade class in SUSD and the students loved every minute of it! We know our volunteers' time is important and we appreciate them spending some of it with us. Our students are our single most important asset and we appreciate our community's effort to help them succeed.


Thanks also for all of the gifts of beautiful children's books for our libraries and classrooms. As our district embarks on the new Common Core standards, where reading and writing will be so critical, the annual Rotary Read-In is more important than ever!!This is a year-long planning effort by the Stockton Rotary organizations and this year's event went off beautifully as a result of their good work. Again, our great thanks for this very valuable event!


Click here to view more photos of the Rotary Read-In.

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Huerta Musicians Shine at Winter Concert
Huerta Elementary's music groups were a huge hit at their winter concert! Both the beginning and intermediate music classes performed fun pieces for parents and peers while using new techniques on their instruments. Parents were thrilled to see how much their children have learned from Huerta music teacher Minnie Eichele. The concert was the first live performance for many students' first time performing for an audience. Great work to all of the developing musicians!

Multicultural Week Educates SECA Students
The Stockton Early College Academy (SECA) celebrated cultural diversity during Multicultural Week from February 17-20. Everyone enjoyed participating in the special activities, such as learning cultural dances and how to write calligraphy. On the final day, all students were invited to attend the school-wide Multicultural Festival. SECA's cultural clubs and student leadership worked hard to organize activities, performances and 
booths to serve cultural foods.
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MLB All-Star Visits to Madison Elementary
Former Major League Baseball All-Star Darryl Strawberry made a special visit to Madison Elementary School! After signing autographs and taking photos with his many young fans, Strawberry gave a quick talk to motivate students to work hard, always further their education, and to be passionate in whatever they pursue. Students were glad to have met the four-time World Series champion and now ordained minister. Thank you for empowering our students and for visiting Madison Elementary!

Is your K-5th grader on track in school?
Is your K-5th grade child on track in school? Find out by watching the new Milestones videos, created by Milestones let you watch kids demonstrate success in the core disciplines: reading, writing and math. If you don't believe your child is on track after watching the videos, then the website also provides you access the resources that can be used at home to get them there. What a great tool for parents and guardian! Click here to view these videos.
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