Arrival NUUS
Virtual SUUSI 2020: Kaleidoscope
Important: You Must Follow These Steps to Attend SUUSI 2020!

All SUUSI 2020 events are accessed through an online platform called Whova, which you can access either by downloading the app for your smartphone or tablet, or by using a web link. You will need to make a Whova account using the same address you used in SOLIS.

Have you set up your Whova account yet? If not, let's do that right now , even before you finish reading this NUUS! Just imagine how disappointing it would be if you waited until your first activity was ready to begin, and then ran into technical problems.

  • Click the button below that matches the way you want to access SUUSI. If you want the app, you can also go directly to the App Store or Play Store and search for Whova.

  • Create an account. You must use the same email you used in SOLIS. Do not select the button for logging in through Facebook or another social media platform. When you create an account, you will be asked to make up a password.
We strongly recommend that you spend some time poking around Whova and getting familiar with how to use it. There were instructions in your Confirmation NUUS. Not sure how to find that? Access it right here on! You'll see screenshots and written directions for the most important features.

I still need help!
The Core Staff has set up some times for Tech Support as we learn to navigate Whova or figure out settings on Zoom. We aren't experts ourselves, but we're willing to try and figure it out together. If you are able to get into Whova, you can join through the links there.

If you are not able to get into Whova, here are the direct links.

Friday Happy Hour/Tech Support 6 pm - 7 pm or 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm:   Click here for Friday night tech support.

Saturday Morning Tech Support: 10 am - 11 am or 11 am - 12 noon: Click here for Saturday morning tech support.
Attending Events at Virtual SUUSI
You will always start getting to a SUUSI event with the Whova app. There are complete instructions in the Confirmation NUUS . You do not need to be registered in advance for all-SUUSI activities like worship, concerts, Cabaret, nightlife, and Community Time. Just click the link for the activity in the Whova agenda.

Looking for the password to the workshop you pre-registered for or for your child's event? You should receive an email from SOLIS the night before each event with the links and passwords.

As a backup, SOLIS also shows links and passwords to the events you are signed up for. Log into SOLIS and hit Your Active Registration at the top. These passwords are not visible in Whova, so you need to get them from SOLIS (or your SOLIS emails) to get in.
SUUSI 2020 Schedule Information

The easiest way to access the schedule is through Whova, but if you'd like a big-picture overview, you can also view it here.

If you've attended SUUSI before, you may be expecting Ingathering on Sunday night. But this year you get an extra day of SUUSI! Ingathering will be held on Saturday at 7:30pm. And be aware that some activities happen even before Ingathering starts on Saturday night. That's another change from how we've done things in the past!
NUUS from the SUUSI Departments
Important Information for Teens
  • All bridging 17 year old teens or their parents/guardians need to send Molly ( a recent picture to be included in the bridging event on Thursday night. We really, really don't want you to be left out of this! 

  • Interested in running for the SUUSI Board? You'll need to nominate yourself no later than Tuesday morning. Find all the important information in the Elections section below.

  • All week, day and night, we'll have a virtual Teen Dorm space going on Discord. Teens can join here. We ask that the rest of SUUSI respect that this is meant to be a teen-only space, although teen staff will be monitoring what's happening on the channel.
More SUUSI Music - No Pre-Registration Needed!

In addition to our Concert Hours, described in full in the Whova agenda and the Confirmation NUUS, make sure you don't miss these additional musical experiences! All can be accessed through Whova.

Cabaret: Thursday, July 23rd 9:00-11:00 pm.

We have a great line-up of performers for the evening. Many Cabaret regulars will be there, along with some newcomers! The full line-up of performers with their specific performance times will be provided soon. Please join us!!

Showcase of the Stars: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons from 2 pm - 4 pm

Due to high demand for admission to Showcase of the Stars, we have eliminated the limit and the requirement to register in SOLIS. Just click the link in Whova to attend fabulous concerts on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons from 2 pm - 4 pm.

Some Workshops Still Have Space!

Are you wanting to sign up for more workshops? Great news - there are still some opening thanks to our fearless Workshop Leaders!! 

Available workshops as of 16 July 2020: 
20201 SUUSIboyz
20204 Speed Socializing…without a touch
20205 NotMom Meetup
20206 The Big 3 Characters of the Old Testament
20207 Clinical Research in the time of COVID-19
202010 Community Meal (Sunday)
202013 Community Meal (Monday)
202014 Coffee Cocktails 
202016 Community Meal (Tuesday)
202017 Got Your Ducks in a Row? 
202018 Community Meal (Wednesday)
202019 Advocating for Transit in your Town 
202020 Community Meal (Thursday)
202021 Revising the Golden Record
202022 Community Meal (Friday)
202023 A Telling Experience
202025 Choosing an Electric Car
202028 The Big Sing
SUUSI and the Mountain: Better Together!
SUUSI's sister organization, The Mountain, is offering two events at Virtual SUUSI. Access these events through Whova - no pre-registration required!

Tuesday 7/21, 5-6pm
Cyber Social Time at The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center
A long standing tradition and favorite time for anyone who visits The Mountain is Social Hour! That is the time just before Dinner when everyone is invited to gather and chat about the new things they have learned and the beauty they have witnessed. Join Mountain Staff Rachel Kinback and Bonnie Gramlich for a relaxing and fun time. We will socialize, laugh and play and learn what is going on atop The Mountain... and just have a good time together (yet apart). Sorry, but this year everyone will have to bring their own popcorn and favorite beverage. 

Thursday 7/23, 11am-12pm   100 people
The Mountain Sampler: A Variety Pack of Fun Offerings from the Staff at The Mountain 
During this hour the good folks at The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center in Highlands, NC will showcase some of the happenings and talents to behold at their campus. You can expect a MtnCamp sing-along, time on the Many Hands Peace Farm, a short history of this 41 year old UU camp and conference center, a nature tour, and more!
Recovery Space
The Nurture Staff will have recovery space available for people in our SUUSI community who are in recovery and would like support during SUUSI week. To access this space, find the event listed on the Whova agenda. You do not need to pre-register and can drop in to as many events as you like.

Hosted by Jane Upton and Rev. Amy Carol Webb

Monday: 8:45-9:45 pm
Tuesday: 11:30 am-12:30 pm
Wednesday: 5:00-6:00 pm
Thursday: 6:00-7:00pm
Election Information from the Board
Although the Board of Trustees has voted to suspend holding an election for a new adult trustee this year, our youth election will still take place.

SUUSI's Board of Trustees includes two youth representatives who serve for two years and are elected in consecutive years. Spike Purcell will be completing his term at the end of this year's SUUSI. Marina deMoraes will continue on for another year. We on The Board always appreciate having youth voices at our meetings. They bring a unique perspective and help us to make wise decisions on behalf of our younger SUUSI community.

This year's election will take place through SOLIS. Parents with SOLISaccounts will be casting votes on behalf of (and with the blessings of) their youth, ages 6 to 17. Any youth with their own SOLIS account will need to vote for themselves. 

Any youth (age 14 - 17) who wishes to run for this two-year position needs to inform the Elections Committee by noon of the Tuesday of SUUSI week, by sending a short biography in an email to This bio will be published in the Wednesday nuus. On Wednesday afternoon from 1 - 2pm, there will be a candidate forum to introduce the candidates to the electorate. Candidates may speak live or prepare a video for the occasion. They will also need to be available to answer any questions of those in attendance. 

Voting will open after the forum and run until Friday at 7pm. Your virtual polling place is located at

The newly elected trustees will be notified on Friday evening and will need to attend the Board meeting on Saturday morning at 10:00am.

On behalf of the Elections Committee and in community,
Karen Gonzalez
member, Board of Trustees