Monday, July 15, 2019
Monday NUUS
Happy Monday! Have a great day today in our Beloved Community! Talk to people you've never met before, make some new friends, be kind to everyone you meet, and have fun!
SUUSI Office: 828-565-2420
Minister on Duty: 828-200-5486
Star Car: 828-200-5487
Conference Staff (lockouts, plumbing issues, etc.) : 828-226-3292
Spiritual crises and injuries to the soul can happen even at SUUSI. If you would benefit from talking with a minister while at SUUSI please call the Minister on Duty, available 24/7: 828-200-5486.
The Room Where it Happens
This year at SUUSI, we’ll elect one Adult Trustee for a three-year term and one Youth Trustee for a two-year term. For more information, contact the elections coordinator at or attend workshop #292, Give to the Beloved Community, Monday from 2-3pm.  Nominations must be submitted by noon on Tuesday, July 16; nominees must also submit a candidate introduction to the SUUSI NUUS ( ) by 1pm the same day. You may nominate yourself. Adults must have attended at least three full SUUSIs in the last five years, and Youth must have attended two of the last three full SUUSIs (not including the current one).

At the time of the election, Youth candidates must be between 15-17 years old and Adult candidates must be at least 18 years old. Board members must affirm the Seven Principles of the UUA and the religious purpose of SUUSI.
Pronoun Buttons

What are they? They display the pronouns used when addressing or discussing the wearer.

Why do we wear them? Pronoun buttons help everyone, but especially trans and non-binary members of our community. Instead of assuming what pronouns to use for someone based on their appearance, you can check their pronoun button to make sure you are respecting their gender identity. 

Should I wear one if I’m not non-binary or trans? Yes! It helps to make pronoun buttons a normal thing practiced by our whole community, rather than something that singles certain people out. It takes the burden off others to guess your pronouns. It also helps everyone get used to checking pronouns, so that trans and non-binary SUUSI participants are more likely to be addressed correctly.

Can I wear one as a joke? Please don’t. It’s not funny. More importantly, it’s hurtful to those who rely on this system to be seen and heard in our community.
Makeup Photos for Mugbook

Did you miss your chance to have your picture taken at Check-in for the Mugbook, SUUSI's picture directory? A makeup session has been scheduled for 9:30-11:30am Monday in the SUUSI Office - 2nd floor, University Center. Make sure we have your smiling face!
Monday Night Dancing

Ballroom Hour at Serendipity on Monday will focus on the smooth ballroom dances. Come glide around the floor with Foxtrots, Waltzes, Tangos and maybe even a Quickstep. We will be playing a mix of other dances too (Swing, Latin, Country, etc) to give you some variety. We start at 9:30pm and go to 10:30, so come early and don’t miss a minute. 

At 10:30, Serendipity switches over to modern dance styles. Want to dress the part? The Serendipity costume theme tonight is Tropical. CACHE is open 10pm-1am tonight, and the costume theme is Tattoo on You.
Sports and Games

Sports and Games kicks off with a 7 am walking group and then tennis at 9:15 am (both continue all week long). If you want to play some casual softball, join us at the fields at 10 am. If indoor fun is your thing, check out Pair-a-Dice demos in the bookstore every day from 10 am - 11 am and 1 pm-2 pm. Be sure and find us at Community Time when we get the slip n’ slide going, plus some other fun sports and games. Tonight we’ll be hosting a family-friendly volleyball game in the Community Time greenspace. After that, come watch your SUUSI friends play Inner-tube Water Polo at 8 pm in the WCU pool. If you come early, we may be able to get you on a team.
Teen Way Off Broadway (TWOB)
Each year, our talented teens put on a musical theater production for the whole SUUSI community, called Teen Way Off Broadway, or TWOB. Join us at one of our two shows on Friday evening, at 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm, at the Bardo Theater! Each day this week, you will find a clue in the NUUS for what the theme of the show is this year. Today’s clue: The story TWOB is based on has been passed down through generations. Think you know the theme? Send your guesses to . The first person to guess correctly will get a shout out in the NUUS!
Morning Worship: A Serious House

What makes a church a sacred space? What does reverence have to do with it? Do either of these notions matter in an essentially secular culture? Can poetry or philosophy be any help to us in our contemporary dilemmas?

Rev. Dr. Kendyl Gibbons is the Senior Minister of All Souls UU Church in Kansas City. She is a lifelong UU Humanist, former president of the UU Ministers Association and Dean of the Humanist Institute, author of hymn texts, and the mentor of generations of student ministers.  
Evening Worship: Creating Sanctuary

How can we create a worry free, grounded, and renewing space for ourselves in a world that often feels like anything but? Based on a book by Terry Hershey called “Sanctuary: Creating a Space for Grace in Your Life.”

Rev. Kathy Tew Rickey serves our faith as the settled minister at the UU Congregation of Ormond Beach, Florida. She shares her home with her little dog, Daisy. She is the co-chair of F.A.I.T.H., a direct action community organization in Daytona Beach, is active in Toastmasters, and enjoys kayaking, golfing, travel, and dining with friends.
Scent-Free Seating Zone at Bardo

Many in our SUUSI Community have sensitivities to scents, fragrances, perfumes, and essential oils. We have set aside space in the Bardo auditorium as a “Scent Free Seating Zone.” If you are sensitive to scents or don’t wear scents, this space is available for you to enjoy worship, TWOB, School of Rock and other programs in Bardo. If you wear scents of any kind, please do not sit in this area.
Concert Hour - Pat Wictor
Concert Hour has moved to Coulter Recital Hall! Settle in for the concert at 8:15, stay for Cabaret at 9:30. Tonight’s Concert Hour performer is Pat Wictor. Pat first burst on the folk and acoustic scene as an innovative slide guitarist known for fresh and memorable interpretations of traditional and contemporary songs. He has since made his mark as a singer-songwriter penning lean and poetic songs that honor – and subvert – rural blues and gospel traditions. For seven years he toured as one third of Brother Sun, the powerful harmonizing trio with Joe Jencks and Greg Greenway. His latest solo release, This is Absolutely Real: Visions and Versions of Phil Ochs, was nominated for an Independent Music award in their Best Tribute Album category. Learn more about Pat at
Parents/Guardians of SUUSI Youth
There will be a mandatory Parent/Guardian meeting after Monday morning drop-off from 9-9:30 am. Please make sure that at least one parent/guardian attends from each Youth family. If you haven’t filled out a Participant Locator Form and posted it on your door, please do it right away! We need to be able to find you if your child needs you.
Child Dedication and SUUSI Memorial (Thursday Evening Worship)
If you would like your child to be dedicated in the Thursday evening worship service, please contact Rev. Amy Carol Webb ( via email, or by leaving a note for her at the SUUSI Office by Tuesday at 5pm. We will also be featuring pictures of SUUSI attendees who have died in the last year during the memorial portion of that worship service. Please get them to Amy Carol via email by the end of Tuesday. There will also be an opportunity to call the names of those we miss who have not attended SUUSI.
Earth-Relating Service on Friday

YOU are invited to participate in creating the Earth-relating Friday service! We are seeking readers, music makers/singers/dancers, greeters/ushers, a photographer, a sound-tech, and setup/decorators. Attend the planning/coordination meeting Monday at community time. Contact MaryAnn at or Rev. Amy at /503-877-2692 to get connected!
Community Time

Community time is going to start off with a bang today at 4:30! Come and make some rainbow swag to carry in our SUUSI Pride parade tomorrow! You can make posters, rainbow headbands, rainbow ribbon rings, or help make a float! If that’s not your jam, you can make a potion or a chromatic butterfly. As always, we’ll have the “I love SUUSI because” banner that you can contribute to, the SUUSI Love rocks, Temporary tattoos, and the return of UUnicornius, our conversation Unicorn! See you there!
Car Seats Required for Family Friendly Nature Trips
Be prepared! Remember to bring your car seats/booster seats for your child if they are participating in a Family Friendly Nature Trip. In North Carolina, children are required to use a car seat or booster seat until they are at least 8 years old or 80 pounds. Nature Staff will not be able to transport a child without the proper seat.
Showcase of Stars
Showcase of Stars is a music workshop, an opportunity to hear all of your favorite SUUSI musicians in a fun “round” format. You can sign up for the week, or for individual days at $5 per day. Today’s amazing music will be provided by Pat Wictor, Eli and Bill Perras, and Lee Knight. Showcase of Stars is held in the University Center Movie Theater, every afternoon from 2-4 pm.
How to Get Reimbursed
Need a reimbursement for your workshop or other personal funds spent for SUUSI operations? There's a site for that, just use your mobile phone, tablet or laptop and visit
Recovery Support at SUUSI
SUUSI is committed to the support of those in our community who seek and sustain a healthy relationship with alcohol, drugs, food, and other addictions. If you are in recovery, or feel the need for it during SUUSI, the Nurture staff have a dedicated space for you with calm and quiet, reading, meditation, and support materials, scheduled support staff, and space for meeting. We will gather on Monday at 12:30pm and 5:30pm for a meet and greet and establish a meeting plan for the week. The room is open 24/7 as needed through Saturday morning; meeting notices will be posted in the daily NUUS and on the door of the room. Monday meet and greets (12:30p, 5:30p): Balsam 270. SUUSI Keep it Simple Sanctuary: Balsam 271 Study. All ages welcome.
SUUSI Service Project: Community Table
Again this year, we will host Gary Wood, The Table’s Kitchen Manager and Volunteer Coordinator, at our Monday Evening Dedicated Worship Service at the Bardo Arts Center. We will learn more about The Community Table’s journey this past year while accepting contributions for their continued good work. An information table in the Bardo Lobby will provide more details about The Table and Gardens throughout the week. This table will also be the collection point for non-perishable items and children’s and adult books for Table patrons. Monetary donations will be accepted at the SUUSI office, as well.
SUUSI Pianists Needed
Nurture staff is creating a list of people who are willing and able to play the piano to accompany hymns for our SUUSI worship services this year and in the future. Please contact Jan Taddeo at to learn more.

SUUSI Explorers
Whether this is your first SUUSI or your tenth, you might sometimes find yourself unsure about diving into the social scene. SUUSI Explorers is a new program that will offer a hosted tour of some of the best SUUSI has to offer. Today, choose from these activities:
10am: Coffee in Common Gound
1pm: Board games in Pair-a-Dice
6pm: Volleyball

Explorers and their host will meet in the seating area outside the dining hall (or the downstairs lobby, if it’s raining) and walk to each event together. Look for the host with the SUUSI Explorers Sign.
Solo at SUUSI
SUUSI Survey respondents reported that they wanted some dedicated events for people attending SUUSI as an individual. Whether you're single full-time or your partner doesn't attend SUUSI, it can be nice to meet others in the same circumstances. So we've got two options for you - choose between the family mixer or the 18+ mixer. 

Bringing your kids to SUUSI as a solo parent can be an exhausting experience - yet many of us wouldn't trade it for the world. On Monday from 4:15-5:15, meet other solo parents at Community Time. While the kids take part in all the games and activities Community Time has to offer, adults will trade tips and contact info. Experienced solo-at-SUUSI parents will host.

If you're over 18, join other adults at Hillside Grind on Monday from 4:15 - 5:15 pm to meet some new people. Use this time to have deep (or not) conversations, make connections for the rest of the week, exchange contact information, or set up other times to get together.
SUUSI Promises Workshops
SUUSI's mission is to provide an experience that evokes the best in us in concert with Unitarian Universalist values. What promises do we, could we, shall we make with one another to live into this mission. Drop-in to any ONE of these workshops to explore these and other questions as we create our SUUSI Covenant. Workshops are held in Blue Ridge 270: Monday 8-10 pm, Tuesday 10 am-noon, Tuesday 8-10 pm, Wednesday 2-4 pm, Thursday 10 am-noon. Or, join us at the Nurture Tent during Community Time Or, Share your ideas on the SUUSI Promises tent cards located in SUUSI gathering spaces all over campus.
Healing Thoughts...
Our long-time SUUSI friend, Kristine Barkley, is missing us this year as she battles cancer at home. If you'd like to send her a video message, or if you have a favorite joke to share, please send them to Karen Gonzalez ( ) .
Submit NUUS items online or email them to . NUUS items go up online throughout the day, but the deadline for the next day’s print and email NUUS is 1pm.
Today's Schedule
Morning Worship, Rev. Dr. Kendyl Gibbons, Bardo Theater, 9-9:45am

Mandatory Youth parent Meeting, Killian, 9-9:30 am

SUUSI Explorers coffee, Seating by dining hall, 10am

Recovery meet & greet, B alsam 270, 12:30 pm

SUUSI Explorers games, Seating by dining hall, 1pm

SUUSI Store singing & signing: Dave Nachmanoff, 1-2pm

SUUSI Store singing & signing: Paula Heusinkveld &Jorge Medina, 4:15-5:15 pm

Community Time, Central Plaza, 4:30-6pm

Recovery meet & greet, Balsam 270, 5:30 pm

SUUSI Explorers volleyball, Seating by dining hall, 6pm

Evening worship: Rev. Kathy Tew Rickey, Bardo Theater, 7-7:45 pm

SUUSI Promises discussion, Blue Ridge 270, 8-10 pm

Concert Hour: Pat Wictor, Coulter Recital Hall, 8:15-9:15 pm

Cabaret, Coulter Recital Hall, 9:30-12am

Serendipity Ballroom Hour: Smooth Ballroom, 3rd floor University Center, 9:30-10:30 pm

Serendipity: Tropical, 3rd floor University Center, 10:30-1am

CACHE: Tattoo on You, Illusions Café, University Ctr, 10pm-1am

BBQUUSI, Hillside Grind, 1am
Happy Monday!!