Dani Somers

Dani Somers grew up in McKenney, Virginia and was home-schooled before receiving her GED from Southside Virginia Community College.  Dani continued at SVCC, earning an Associate of Arts and Sciences in General Studies.  She transferred to North Carolina Wesleyan College, graduating Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Administration.

After moving to Wilmington, North Carolina, Dani was employed by North Carolina Wesleyan College, where she is currently its Admissions Coordinator.

When asked to share her reflections on her time at SVCC, Dani responded, "My time at SVCC was exactly what I needed. It forced me to break free from my comfort zone, and become a leader. I started my journey at SVCC, as an inexperienced, unknowledgeable, and timid girl, but through my journey at SVCC and the relationships I built with the faculty and staff, I was able to tear down those barriers and become an ambitious, opinionated, and outgoing woman. The best advice I can give to the college and potential students would be to never stop pushing forward, learning, and asking questions. The great thing about education is one can never learn too much."

Thanks to Sharon Freeman for coordinating this SVCC Alumni Spotlight