Melissa Robbins

Melissa Robbins grew up in Victoria, Virginia and graduated from Central Senior High School. She received an Associate of Applied Science in Administrative Support Technology and an Associate of Arts & Sciences in General Studies from Southside Virginia Community College. She continued her education by later earning a Bachelor of Science in Occupational and Technical Education and a Master of Arts in Business Management & Leadership. She is currently pursuing a Doctoral degree with Liberty University.

Melissa worked at SVCC while earning her degrees.  She served many roles including tutor, lab monitor, career coach and adjunct instructor.  In 2016, she earned both a teaching peer and a teaching fellow award.  Melissa briefly relocated to NC in 2015, where she was an instructor at Coastal Carolina Community College and continues to serve CCCC in an online adjunct capacity.  Currently, Melissa coordinates the federal grant programs for Prince Edward County Public Schools.  Prior to this position, she was the Middle School Business and Technology Teacher for PECPS

"When I think about my time spent at SVCC not only as an employee, but also as a student, I am so grateful for the opportunity to have started my college education locally. I always knew I wanted to work in education, but not sure where exactly I would fit.I was unable to go to a four-year college because I had other commitments. I was a working mom and had very little time to devote to a four-year degree back then. I was able to gradually work my way up to that point with the assistance of the talented and knowledgeable SVCC faculty and staff.  There are many I could thank, but I have to say I am most fortunate to have worked alongside SVCC's very own, Mrs. Bonnie Gilliam, at the Estes Center off-campus site for so many years. She helped me schedule my hours around class times in order to finish my first degree.    She was my mentor and is still my friend.  I have made educational bounds, great career strides, made lasting friendships, and overcome adversity thanks to the support of my SVCC family. None of this would have been achievable without SVCC giving me the foundation. I am extremely appreciative to have had such an awesome educational experience right in my "back yard", and will always call SVCC my home!"