This is the time of year that many organizations are wrapping up activities for their fiscal year (July 1 through June 30).

SVCW abides by this timing which triggers many things. Our operating budget uses this calendar, so our finance team is working furiously to wrap up end-of-year accounting. Since personnel evaluations for our management staff are performed on a fiscal year basis, there has been a lot of discussion and interaction amongst our team.

As part of the ramped up activities to ensure a smooth transition to the new fiscal year, remaining materials, goods and services that were budgeted for the current year are being delivered and provided.

Atop the change in fiscal years, California has “reopened” which has brought a similarly large number of activities to which SVCW must respond. We await direction from CalOSHA, which is an important guiding regulator for us. The rules that CalOSHA are expected to put into place puts heavy emphasis on an employee’s vaccination status, and we will have to respond accordingly. In the meantime, SVCW employees continue to follow all COVID-19 safety protocols, including face coverings, social distancing, symptom checks and more.

As I’ve noted previously, my number one priority is employees' and community members' health and safety. We continue to follow all the permit guidelines that ensure we adequately protect public health and the environment. To this end, I take the most conservative approach to “reopening” and make my choices based upon health and safety along with agency needs. If you're curious about our safety programs, go here.

Thanks for visiting and please be safe and healthy!