July 2023 - Volume 61, Issue 7
Kim & Rachel Nelson
People’s Choice at the Porsche Parade Historics Concours
Photo Kim Nelson

From The Editor
Mike Willis

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Rik Larson, Proof Reader/Tickler
Skip Quain, Contributor

 Rik Larson, SVR President
PDK (Pretty Darn Kwik)
July 2023

Porsche Parade --- Palm Springs
·      Only a couple of days in the low 100s…….the rest in the 90’s (well, the high 90s).
·      Everywhere you looked you saw the 75th Anniversary logo --- even the card keys for our rooms had the logo printed on the back of the cards.
·      SVR had a number of winners in the competitive events (I don’t have all of the results yet but here is what I recall):
o  People’s Choice in the Historics Concours--- Kim and Rachel Nelson
o  TSD Rally – 1st place in the R02 class – Richard Wetzel and Andy Stocker with an error of 40 seconds
o  TSD Rally – 12th place (and a trophy) in the R04 class – Matt Deter and Issac Deter with a score of 85 seconds
o  TSD Rally – 14th place in the R04 class (just out of the running for a trophy) – Steve and Kim Long
o  AX – S07 class --- 3rd place – Collin Fat
o  AX – S09 class --- 2nd place – Matt Deter
o  AX – P05 class --- 3rd place – John Leet
o  AX – M01 class --- 1st place – Steve Nieslony
o  AX – M01W class --- 1st place – Joy Nieslony
·      Results for the other events will be posted shortly and can be viewed at  porscheparade.org
·      Porsche Rocklin celebrated the 75th anniversary of Porsche at their facility on June 10th and had a large turnout with some great SWAG, munchies, and drinks.
Name Badge
·      Remember to wear your name badge at events.
Formula e
·      The season is almost over. There are 4 races remaining --- 2 in Rome on July 15 and 16, with the last 2 races being held in London on July 29 and 30.
·      The race in Portland, Oregon was held on Saturday, June 23rd. Tag Heuer Porsche driver Antonio Felix da Costa finished 3rd with Pascal Wehrlein finishing in 8th place.
·      Wehrlein picked up 4 points for his 8th place finish and now sits at 138 total points, just 16 points out of 1st place (you get 25 points for winning a race).
·      da Costa was awarded 15 points for his 3rd place finish and is sitting comfortably in 6th place with 93 total points.
·      With their great showing at Portland, the Tag Heuer Porsche Formula E Team has retaken 1st place in the championship with a total of 231 points (6 points ahead of the Envision Racing Team).
·      The races are live on the CBS Sports Network (cable).

John Leet
Vice President
Over recent months, there has been a lot of discussion regarding the club's use of motorsportreg.com (MSR) as our event booking platform. There are TONS of benefits in using this platform for both event organizers and attendees. Mardi Quain's article below helps to summarize our process and benefits. While no system is perfect, we understand that it can be a challenge for users to learn the system. As a result, Collin Fat has volunteered to assist in the event setup and management, allowing event chairs to focus on running the events. For attendees, it streamlines payment, communications, and allows you to see all of your events in one location. Event chairs are free to use any method that they wish, but feel free to reach out to us if you need a hand with MSR.

In addition to all of the event on the SVR calendar, 2023 is also a busy year for events in the broader Porsche community. Many of us had the opportunity to attend the Porsche Parade in Palm Springs, where SVR members and Zone 7 received numerous awards. Looking forward, there is Werks and Rennsport in Monterey which are both excellent events to attend. Hope to see you there!
SVR Zone 7 Concours Results
Porsche Parade Rookies
By Steve Long, SVR Membership Director
Yes, it’s me again…
Our Sacramento Valley Region’s post-Covid rebound season continues at a furious pace. As part of this resurgence, my wife and I chose to attend the 2023 Porsche Parade in La Quinta (officially Palm Springs).  When I pitched this idea earlier in the year, it was not met with the warmest response. Although the Alexa missed recording it, there May have been comments like “another car vacation” or “we will melt” or “we don’t know any other (PCA Region) members.”  All of this was set aside. We committed and the adventure began.

For those of you not familiar with the Porsche Parade, I see it simply as the PCA’s annual family friendly member convention. Parade changes locale each year to a vacation destination. This year drew about 1,000 cars and about 2,000 participants from across these United States to the low desert of Southern California.

Our Region was represented with thirty members.  Remember that CRAB thing we did in April? This is the HULK version of that. The many events included banquet dinners, Tours, Time Speed Distance (TSD) and Gimmick Rallies, Autocross and Concours. There were also non-car activities with wine, beer and tequila tasting. Don’t forget the cooking classes, art shows, Sim-Racing and RC cars. Add the off-site walking tours and dinners. Ice that cake with all of the great local restaurants. And the shopping at the PCA Parade store…ohhhh the shopping. The PCA National folks designed some great gear for the event. We were there EVERY DAY, sometimes more than once. Honestly, you HAD TO be on your game as items literally sold out within hours. There are a couple shirts I am still wishing I didn’t put down. Who knew XXL was THE size ?!

Picking our events and getting everything to fit the week-long schedule was a bit of a challenge. Colin Fat and Rik Larson offered their pro-tips as choosing events had to be done timely before they sold out. This was done during early April as the second step of registration. Luckily my (undiagnosed) OCD kicked in and we prevailed.  We chose:
·        Welcome Banquet with obligatory pre-mixer
·        TSD Rally School
·        TSD Rally (Great job Rik!)
·        Palm Springs Air Museum Dinner (Stealth Fighter anyone?)
·        PCA SVR Dinner organized by Colin and Elaine Fat
·        Gimmick Rally (we really need to do one of these in SVR!)
·        Lake Arrowhead Tour (we volunteered to lead a group)
·        Parade of Porsches Tour (the last event dance, and sadly was for one car)
·        Volunteer Thank You Party (raffles prizes galore)
In addition to seeing our own SVR family often, we met great PCA Members from all over. There were many folks from the San Diego and Riverside areas as well as our neighbors in Fresno, Bakersfield and the entire Bay Area. PCA has some GREAT people to spend time with including folks that flew in from Florida and rented a 911 for the week. We became particularly friendly with new friends Joyce and Wayne. They actually live in La Quinta, are in PCA, and leveraged the home-field advantage.  Wayne may be the biggest lover of ‘fun’ that I have ever met. He also volunteered nearly every day without a single gripe. Go Wayne! I also crossed paths with a PCA Junior. You know you are ‘green’ when a nine-year-old asks how many Parades you have been to and his response to yours is ‘this is my fifth, rookie.’

You will see some photos we took from Mono Lake, our rallies, fighting off pre-historic beasts, meeting the new Porsche based Transformer and the sea of cars prepping for the last hurrah for Parade of Porsches.

A few more details for the curious in the group. We took two days to drive down the lovely Highway 395 and back up not-as-lovely Highway 99. Five or six hours driving each day was plenty. The Erick Schat's Bakkery in Bishop is as good as they say. As is Apple Annie’s Diner in Tulare. The host hotel was amazing but we opted for an Airbnb about five minutes away. The teens were coming with us but that changed. In the end it all worked to about the same cost plus our host home had a pool, kitchen, laundry and a garage. It would’ve been more fun if we shared it, though. We racked up 1,800 total miles on about eighty-one gallons of petrol. The car consumed about two-hundred insects of various varietals, some of which had baked into the paint and might be there forever.

Sadly, we did miss the surprise showing of the PCA 996 Classic Club Coupe. I’ve been following this car since its inception. It was great to see Jerry Seinfeld won it at auction a couple weeks back and took the chance to take ‘delivery’ at Porsche Parade then drive it back to his hanger in Santa Monica. What a cool car that turned out to be. If I only had a beater 996 to replicate that car… “Honey, do we have room for another project?!”
I am sure I have forgotten many things from the experience. It’s still a bit of a whirlwind in my head as we get back into work mode. We really did enjoy the events and the people. If you have any questions about our experience, just reach out to me!

Next year’s Parade is in Birmingham, Alabama and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma follows in 2025 (yes, this is a vacation destination, too!) I expect we will miss those. When Parade comes back within a thousand miles of us, let the negotiations begin anew!

Thank you to our SVR President, Rik Larson as the co-chair of the TSD Rally. It was well done and fun.

Finally, Congratulations to Kim and Rachel Nelson for taking the People’s Choice award in Concours for their gorgeous 356.  Look for a write up about that in this Drifter.
Remember, the club is what you make it!  
Come get involved!

Mardi Quain
Social Director

MotorsportReg (www.motorsportreg.com) is the event planning program used by SVR to register, promote, communicate, update, and track event attendees and details.

Collin Fat is the new MotorsportReg Coordinator cfat1952@gmail.com).
The Event Host logs into the club website (www.svr-pca.org, “About Us”/General Information & Forms) for the MSR Event Registration Form and returns it to Collin completed. As MSR Coordinator Collin will provide any assistance a Host may need in managing their event pages on MSR.
He will use the form information to setup the event onto the MSR website.
For Event Hosts, the site offers tools to manage, promote and display event information, track attendance, collect event fees and communicate with registered club members. No more separate tracking of lists and checks by the Host is necessary. For attendees, it eases the registration process and allows easy communication with the Host. Here are some of the ways MSR assists with an event:
Lists: Real time attendee registration, group communication by email or text, pre-organize tour or run groups, automatic wait list. And attendees can see who else will be joining them. Information collection: Attendee car descriptions, email address and cell phone number, menu choices, contact information for future repeat of event.

Attendee payment: Done by attendee after completing MSR event information. Eliminates Host need to re-contact attendee to collect
missing information. Eliminates the “check is in the mail” anxiety.
Allows for early registration discounting. 
Venue payment: Treasurer issues club check based on MSR registration.
Host no longer needs to handle payment checks/cash or complete and mail Treasurers Form.

Host: Streamlines and eliminates event paperwork.
For tours, route instructions can be emailed, eliminating printing costs.
And, you can use SVR data base within MSR to market event, which supports eBlasts and Drifter. PCA Waivers (if required) can also be handled on MSR which eliminates the need for the Host completing Waivers and mailing to the Secretary. You can see all the lists as described in real time. The Host can ask for special custom data from registrants.
With this information our member Hosts can see the convenience and event management capabilities provided by the program.

Rick Duste
Tour Chair

Summer is here and we are full swing into Road Tour season.

With the New Member’s Tour (April 15), Crab Tour (April 22), San Simon Tour (May 12-14) and the Midweek Tour (June 15) behind us, we’re looking forward to more exciting tours in the coming months.

Sign ups are continuing for the lunch trip to Murphy’s (July 15) and registration opens July 1st for the Fawnbridge Winery Tour (July 29).

The August 26 Tour is still being flushed out as well as another midweek tour September 13.   My hope is to be able to have a tour each month if the interest is there and we can find suitable destinations.  I’d like to be able to rotate the meeting location around different parts of the Sacramento region to be closer to different members throughout the year.  Salerno Motorsports in Rocklin volunteered to open on a Saturday morning specially to let us use their spacious parking lot, have restroom access and provide complimentary donuts and beverages for the July 29 Tour. Hats off to Chuck and his crew for making this available to the club.

 A number of you have stepped up and volunteered to be Leads and Sweeps which is very helpful.  These volunteers, along with the venue size, are the limiting factor on how many cars we can have on a Tour.   Don’t be bashful to reach out and let me know if this is of interest to you.    Look forward to seeing you on the road.

June’s Midweek Tour Meets in Auburn for Lunch 
Our first midweek tour in some time departed El Dorado Hills Town Center on a beautiful sunny Wednesday destined for Old Town Pizza’s new location inside the Gold Country Fairgrounds in Auburn.  

Two groups, aided by Rick Duste and Michael Born as Leads and Colin Fat and Rik Larson as Sweeps, headed south along Latrobe Road’s two lanes through the hills and valleys and over the Cosumnes River bridge before turning east on Old Sacramento Rd.   The roundabout in Plymouth pointed us North up 49 towards Placerville. A short-cut along Forni Road allowed the group to bi-pass downtown Placerville, cross the freeway and pass the El Dorado County Fairgrounds to begin our journey through American River Country.  

The two groups met up at Marshall Gold Discovery Park for a rest and a chance to see the fast and cold water rushing down the South Fork of the American River.  Next we climbed the hill to Georgetown before swinging back down to Cool and rejoining CA 49 for the last leg into Auburn.  Lots of cars lined the sides of the road as we passed the confluence of the North and South American Rivers and then the windy climb up the hill to old town Auburn.   

The group enjoyed lunch and libations at the outdoor pavilion and bar. A grand time was had by all.  Planning has begun for the next midweek tour set for September 13th.   

Steve Long
Membership Director


Sacramento Valley Region Members Win at Porsche Parade Concours
Kim and Rachel Nelson won the People's Choice Award in the Porsche Historic Display. There were fifty Porsche cars in the Historic Display which included all models of the marque from factory race cars to production cars. The Nelson’s car has been in the restoration process for thirty years and was just finished the Friday before Parade started! It was loaded on their trailer and unloaded in Palm Springs with only ten miles on the odometer, then on to the Concours field.   After the Concours, Kim and Rachel were invited to display the car at the Concours Banquet on Tuesday evening.

Blair and Terri Reese who were instrumental in the win and talked with people about the car’s build while Rachel and Kim were also judges in the Concours.

Click on the link below from the Parade Concours entry to learn all about the journey of this lovely 356. It’s very interesting and details the journey of this winner. GARAGE.PCA.ORG/GETPORSCHE/1964-356-8718

Kim also pulled off a near-podium in the Porsche Technical and Historic Quiz in 4th place. This year's quiz was extremely difficult. The Parade Quiz consists of eighty questions: fifty general Porsche questions, twenty-five model specific questions (for Kim, the 356’s) and five tie-breakers. The questions were sourced from Panorama, Excellence and Christophorus magazines. After completing the quiz and walking out of the room he thought there was no chance of getting an award, but there it is!
We weren't planning on writing anything and thank you for thinking of us.
We won the People's Choice Award in the Porsche Historic Display. In the picture with Rachel and myself are SVR members Blair.and Terri Reese who talked with people about the cars' build while Rachel and I were Judging in the Concours. There were 50 Porsches in the Display and included all models of the Marque from Factory race cars to production cars. Interestingly, our car has been in the restoration process for 30 years and we finished it the Friday before Parade started. We loaded it on the trailer and when we got to Palm Springs, drove it off the trailer with only 10 miles on the odometer and on to the Concours field.  After the Concours we were invited to display the car at the Concours Banquet on Tuesday evening.  Fun Stuff!
I also got 4th place in the Porsche Technical and Historic Quiz. This year's quiz was extremely difficult. The Parade Quiz consists of 80 questions: 50 general Porsche, 25 model specific (in my case 356) and five tie-breakers. They develop the questions from Panorama, Excellence Magazine and Christophorus. After completing the quiz and walking out of the room I thought there was no chance of getting an award.
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