January 2024-Volume 63, Issue 1
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From The Editor
Mike Willis

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President's Column
Vice President - Calendar Information
2023 Christians Party
Tour Chair Update
Brookfields Monthly Breakfast
January Dinner Meeting
February Dinner Meeting
TSD Rally School
2024 Autox School
2024 Pacific Grove Tour
Anderson Valley Tour
SVR Christmas Party
New Years Tour
My Sport Car Journey
SVR Membership
SVR Member Spotlight
In The Zone
SVR Classifieds
SVR Store

Rik Larson, Proof Reader/Tickler
Skip Quain, Contributor

Collin Fat & Granddaughter on the New Year Tour.
Yes our events are open to the "younger generation"

 Rik Larson, SVR President
PDK (Pretty Darn Kwik)
January 2024

SVR Christmas Party
·      What a great event chaired by Mardi Quain and Deb Dunn.
·      The quiz that they had (15 questions) was amazing. I was finally able to understand why so many people were busy on their cellphones……..they were looking up the answers to some of the questions.
·      One of the questions (#13): “In America misbehaving children worry about receiving a lump of coal in their stocking. In Iceland, children leave their shoes by a window hoping to receive candy. But if they misbehave, what will they receive?”
a. Carrots
b. Potatoes
c.  Leeks
d. Yams
Got Reservations?
·      A number of events, both SVR and PCA, have reservation deadlines or are opening up for reservations in the next 32 days:
o  PCA Treffen Wine Country --- January 10th (pca.org)
o  The January SVR dinner is happening on the 18th (MSR signup NOW)
o  PCA Porsche Parade – January 31st (pca.org)
o  SVR pre-Valentines dinner on February 12th (mail your check in NOW --- see the flyer in this DRIFTER)
o  SVR Tour Lead/Sweep Overview via Zoom on February 20th (MSR signup)
o  SVR TSD Rally School on February 24th (MSR signup now)
o  SVR AX School on March 10th (MSR opens February 1st)
o  SVR Pacific Grove Tour --- May 3-5th (signup with McMahen’s NOW --- see the flyer in this DRIFTER))
o  SVR Alexander Conn Valley Winery Tour on July 27th (MSR opens February 1st)
o  PCA Treffen-at-Sea – July 28th to August 4th (pca.org NOW)
DUMKOPF award is back
·      I could not help out our MC, Kim Nelson, too much. Turns out he left his car running lights on at the Christmas Party. He was thankful for the announcement about a Porsche in the parking lot with the lights on.
·      But while reminding Kim about the incident during the Christmas Party program, he offered the fact that it was the second time that day (2 different cars) that he had left the lights on.

·      Immediately upon hearing this admission was a quick raising of the hand by Mike Willis that we had a Dumkopf candidate. And 3 seconds later the applause was overwhelming.
·      So this is what it looks like:
·      It has been a while since the award was seen (something about COVID-19)
·      It is given for doing stupid things (mostly Porsche related but not necessarily a requirement).
·      This piece of art has several Porsche parts contributed by Dwight Mitchell back in the early 80’s.

2024 Formula E
·      It starts up again in January with the first race being held in Mexico City on January 13th.
·      Round 2 and 3 will be held on January 26th and 27th…..from Diriyah, Saudi Arabia.
·      And you can watch them live on CBS Sports (and Paramount + I think).
Name Badge
·      Remember to wear your SVR name badge to events.
·      I received a request from a SVR member who wanted to possibly start a column in the DRIFTER that provides for some general gossip (Porsche or otherwise). Exaggerations and half-truths accepted. Snitching on your fellow member is fair game.
·      The member wants to remain anonymous so gossip would only be accepted via email.
·      Drop a note to      911SallySpecial.Porsche@gmail.com
Event Publicity Notice?
·      Expect to start seeing the notice below in the monthly DRIFTER, our eBLASTS, the website, and on the MotorsportReg (MSR) pages that we have for our events.

John Leet
Vice President
Happy New Year!!

2024 will be a busy year for SVR. I have included the full list below, but with such a long list you will likely need to zoom in to read it! The year kicks off with the New Years Day tour followed by the first Saturday breakfast. And, the dinner on the 18th at El Favorito offers a host of authentic entrees to pick from. You can sign up on MSR.

In February, we have a Pre-Valentines day dinner hosted by the Pearts, which is always a fun and well attended event. And if you have been interested in learning about TSD Rallys, we have a Rally School scheduled tentatively for 2/24.

I also want to highlight the 2024 Porsches and Pints events. We will follow the same format as last year, starting in March. There are a couple events that should really stand out. The April event will be at Oak Park Brewing, where we are looking to close of the city block for parking to make it easy to stroll around and view the cars. And, in June, we will be at Drakes in West Sacramento, where we will all be able to park on their property and Drakes will set up some taps right were the cars will be parked. Stay tuned for more information as the dates come near!

And, of course, we have a regular cadence of Tours, Rallys, Autocross, and all of the awesome social events the club has to offer.

2023 SVR Board at the Christmas Party

Message from the Tour Chair
By Rick Duste
Photos Rick Duste

For 2024 the Club will be offering free access to download tour routes and turn-by-turn directions into your phones for SVR tours in the Ride With GPS app. We have purchased a Club Level subscription allowing all tour participants to access the feature at no cost.

 When you register for a tour, you will be sent a link and instructions on how to access the routes. So why Ride With GPS you ask?  I use this app to design and create the routes. It offers route design tools that make it easier to try different variations of routes, save multiple variations, modify them, and automatically create the turn-by-turn directions.  It offers the ability to edit the instructions to change the description, delete or add instructions along the route that make more sense to what you actually see when you’re driving the car.   Most importantly, whatever the route design is, it does not change. Many of the other mapping programs want to optimize the route and when you actually drive it, it changes.   As you can imagine, the routes we select are not optimized and purposely take the more “scenic route” as I used to always tell my daughter.  Ride With GPS is designed for cycling and cycling clubs. But it works fine for cars as well and is used by other PCA Regions and car clubs too.

What limits the number of participants we can accommodate on tours?  In most cases the venue’s capacity or ability to serve groups. In today’s labor market, many venues do not have the staffing to handle large groups of people at one time.  Or want to charge additional fees to cover the costs of extra staffing for a short period of time.

The other issue is how many driving group Leads and Sweeps are available to lead the cars. PCA procedures limit the number of cars we can have in any single group. As such, the number of available Leads can dictate how many we can accommodate.

In an effort to identify additional people that are willing to be Leads and Sweeps, I am hosting a Zoom webinar TUESDAY FEBRUARY 20TH at 7:00 PM to give an overview of what Leads and Sweeps need to do and answer any questions you may have.  Leading can be an enjoyable way to participate in the Tour.

If interested in finding out what is involved, sign up for the
Zoom webinar on MSR and you will be sent the Zoom link in the confirmation.  http://msreg.com/SVRTourZoom
Got a lot of "decals" and want a place to store them????

2024 AutoCross School
March 10th & March 16th

By Collin Fat
Photos by Collin Fat

SVR’s 15th annual autocross school is scheduled for March 10th and March 16th. The ground school at Porsche Rocklin will be held in the service bay at Porsche Rocklin while the March 16th event will be held at Thunderhill Raceway Park in Willows, Ca. The school is limited to 30 students and sells out every year. It is one of the most popular events for Porsche enthusiasts who want to learn the handling limits of their Porsche. Registration will open on February 1st, so mark your calendars now.
Autocross is a competitive and timed event conducted on a pylon lined course usually set-up on the tarmac of an airfield or large parking lot. The objective is to complete the course without hitting any cones in the fastest time possible. Speeds may reach a maximum of 60 mph with courses taking between 35 and 60 seconds to complete.

The risk of damage to your car is quite low as the only objects you might hit are the rubber cones. On the street it is difficult to test the limits of your car’s handling in a safe manner and autocross provides the Porsche owner an opportunity let it all hang out and to experience the incredible handling and engineering that has gone into their prized toy.

The ground course will be led by several of the autocross team members and will cover what you will need to know to prepare for your first event including preparing your car, safety requirements, registration, course work, car dynamics, threshold braking, cornering, the proper apex, turn shapes, exit speeds, throttle modulation, how to approach a slalom, and of course safety.

The exercise portion of the school the following Saturday at Thunderhill will continue with students practicing on the skid pad, slalom, threshold braking and braking turning practice box during the morning and then testing their newfound skills on a full course with timed runs. Each student will be paired with a dedicated instructor for the day.

For those students wishing to make a weekend of the event, the club’s first autocross of the season will be held on Sunday, March 17th. Registration is separate from the school.

Registration will open February 1st and is limited to 30 students. Cost for PCA and SVR members is $130, and lunch will hosted be by Porsche Rocklin. The MSR registration link is: http://msreg.com/2024AXSchool.

2024 AutoCross School and All Autocrosses
Sponsored by Porsche Rocklin
April 21-25, 2024
Registration opens January 10, 2024

Steve Long
Membership Director

Our member of the month Rik Larson
Rik's new ride - Not able to get a photo of his other Porsche
In The Zone January 2024
by Brian Adkins
Hello Zone 7
Happy New Year! Wishing you the absolute best for 2024.

Many Regions have some changes of Officers and Board members. I wanted to thank the Presidents, Board members and Chairs that have finished their terms and welcome the new Presidents, Board members and Chairs who have raised their hands to be a part of your Region team. The volunteerism in Zone 7 is amazing. With all their efforts and your participation 2024 is going to be FANTASTIC.

I invite you to not only participate but to be a part of that volunteer group. It is so rewarding. Personally … just one smile of enjoyment at an event from a participant is worth any and all effort.

Look for some amazing events in Zone 7 for 2024. Of course, all that your local Region does. The Zone events that include the Autocross and Concours series. & National PCA events.

·      The Zone 7 Awards, Autocross Series & Concours Series Awards Dinner to be held Saturday March 2nd. Diablo Hills Golf Course, Walnut Creek (Now open for Registration Zone 7 Awards & Dinner ) Please join your fellow Zone 7 Members at this gala event. Registration is now open (see link below).
·      The Spring Treffen to be held in Sonoma, April 21st to 25th hosted by the Redwood Region. Info and link below. This event is expected to sell out in under 5 minutes. If you want to attend, you will need to be on the website as registration opens. Registration opens January 10th.

·      Parade 2024, June 9th to 15th will be held in Birmingham Alabama. If you have not attended a PCA Parade it is jam packed with something for everyone. This parade will be booked with a DE at the end weekend. Registration opens January 31st.

·      2024 Treffen at Sea. It may have been the plan all along, but I have been pushing hard with PCA Treffen team and Princess Cruises to do a West Coast departure cruise. I may or may not have been an influence, but it is here. Alaskan Adventure (Alaska Inner Passage) July 28th to August 4th, 2024. Seattle departure and return port.

·      Werks Reunion, Monterey, August 16th, 2024, Again at the Monterey Pines Golf Course in Monterey.
I do hope to see you at an event SOON.
(links to events are below if available)

Zone 7 website
Zone 7 Facebook ---main page
Zone 7 Facebook – AX page
Zone 7 Facebook – Concours page
2024 Zone 7 Awards Banquet
2024 Zone 7 AX Webpage and Schedule
2024 Zone 7 Concours Webpage and Schedule

Event registration links at       zone7.pca.org
2024 Zone 7 Autocross Series Schedule
as of December 23, 2023
Date Location Host Region

April 13 Thunderhill Raceway Sacramento Valley
April 14 Thunderhill Raceway Redwood
May 4 Salinas Golden Gate
May 5 Salinas Loma Prieta
September 21 Thunderhill Sacramento Valley September 22 Thunderhill Redwood
October 12 Crows Landing Loma Prieta
October 13 Crows Landing Golden Gate
2024 Zone 7 Concours Series Schedule
as of December 23, 2023
Season is finished!
2023 Season Results are posted at  zone7.pca.org
2024 DE/Track/Club Race events
as of December 23, 2023
2024 PCA Club Race and some Region DE track dates are shaping up:
February 17-18: Instructor Training and DE 1 - Thunderhill Raceway 2 mile.

April 6-7: DE 2 and Club Race 1 - Thunderhill Raceway 3 mile - PCA Diablo Region will host a DE on April 5.

May 4-5: DE 3 and Club Race 2 - Buttonwillow Raceway - PCA Central Coast Region will host a DE on May 3.

June 29-30: DE 4 and Club Race 3 - Sonoma Raceway - Diablo will host a DE on June 28.

September 7-8 or 14-15: DE 5 and Club Race 4 - WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca (105 dB) - plus a hosted DE on September 6 or 13.

October 12-13: DE 6 and Club Race 5 - Thunderhill Raceway 3 mile - PCA Diablo Region will host a DE on October 11.
2024 West Coast Race Series Schedule
as of December 23, 2023
2023 Season is finished!
2024 West Coast Race Series Schedule
as of December 23, 2023
2023 Season is finished!
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Steve Long

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However, newsletter editors of other Porsche Club of America regions may reprint any article provided that credit is given to the author and Sacramento Valley Region and also The Drifter is cited as the source.
As mentioned by Rik Larson just so you know.   
    This is something that has been in the PCA RPM (Region Procedures Manual) since at least 2019 and is now appearing at more and more PCA events (social media driven).

·      Obviously we have been exposed to being photographed and videotaped for years (the red light cameras for example), stores where you shop, when you use an ATM, etc.

·      So SMILE when attending one of our events.
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