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    SVREP Announces Latino Vote 2017 in Dozens of CA Jurisdictions            Utilizing  CVRA Will Be Key

Los Angeles, CA, May 11, 2017) Southwest Voter Registration Education Project
(SVREP) President Antonio Gonzalez announced the kickoff of its Latino Vote
2018 campaign. “It’s hard to believe but the 2018 Election Season is already
beginning. This cycle SVREP will build on 2015-16 voting rights actions that
obliged numerous SoCal jurisdictions to switch to Single Member District
Elections beginning in Nov. 2016 or Nov. 2018,” Gonzalez said.

“Based on successful voting rights actions in 2016 in localities like Costa Mesa,
San Juan Capistrano, Rancho Cucamonga, Hesperia, Hemet, Chino, San Marcos,
Upland, Wildomar, Fontana, SVREP will significantly expand its activities in
2017 and 2018. We will identify dozens more unfair southern and central
California local election systems, our allies at Shenkman Hughes will take them
to court if needed, and catalyze new District-based Election Systems, which will
in turn create the basis for Latino voter registration projects, local minority
candidacies for office, and so on,” he continued.

“Creating dozens of new Election systems where minority voters can organize and
develop viable candidacies of their own for the first time in Nov. 2018 (when
most of these new systems will be in place) will stimulate greater Latino
engagement and voting in Nov. 2018,” Gonzalez added.

Throughout the process SVREP will provide nonpartisan research, organizing and
training services and resources to interested community leaders, organizations,
candidates and elected officials.

SVREP founded in 1974 has offices in Los Angeles and San Antonio and is the
largest and oldest nonpartisan Latino vote entity in the US.

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