Sunday, May 15, 2022 

10:00 am Worship - LIVESTREAM

9:00 am - Bible Classes for all ages

Wednesday, May 18th*

Dinner at 5:30 pm - Catered Demos BBQ

*This will be the last "prepared meal" Wednesday dinner.  Tables will be set up each Wednesday in the summer for brown bag/fast food Table Fellowship for the summer.

WOW - Wonders of the Word

VBS - Southwest Style



Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Thank you for your donation to our Ukraine Assistance fund. By the grace of God, we are able to get 100% of your gift directly into the Ukraine to help the brothers and sisters who have been displaced by this invasion. Your support is helping Ukrainian refugees be sheltered, fed and clothed in a time where their homes and their way of life are under attack. Our prayer is that, with these needs being met, they will see Jesus and come to know our great God. You are making a difference to a group of people in their deepest time of need and the Lord will reward that obedience. Thank you for responding so quickly and so abundantly. God bless you! What an amazing blessing you are being to our Ukrainian family! Thank you! 

Ryan Lee, Director of ONEKINGDOM