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SW Florida Meetings

This weekend Sally & I will be speaking at a church in SW Florida. Our messages are designed to prepare the people for what is right now happening. They are as follows.

Friday 7:00 pm "Country Living, Our Story" Jim
Saturday 11:00 am "I was a Man-Managed Man" Jim
2:30 pm "Unloved & Unaccepted--But Not Anymore" Sally
Sunday 10:30 am "Country Living. The Perfect 10 minus 2" Jim

These are absolutely vital messages for the day we live in. We are entering the beginning of the end!

Please Pray that we have the unction of God's Spirit and that all those attending will find answers for what is right before our eyes.

May God be glorified,
Jim & Sally
Empowered Living MInistries
Jim & Sally Hohnberger
Empowered Living Ministries