Update 4/24
A message from your Region Missionary:

Dear friends,

We continue onward into this Easter season. Some days I feel the joy and other days life still seems to be flat lined. This is where I have to remember that it's not up to me to resurrect--that's God's work. My work is to stay present to the tensions, to the mystery, to the invitations of the Spirit, however soft they may be. This pandemic is teaching me that my part in the story of new life is to create space to listen, and listen well. I listen so that I can hear where I am being called to bring forth justice, equity, and liberation in the world. In other words, creating space for Liberating Love to manifest is how I get to participate in God's work of bringing out new life.

I guess I feel like we have an opportunity to create that kind of space for ourselves and each other as a Region. We have an opportunity to intentionally build time and space to listen for our spirits awakening to the Spirit. We can do that by being open to the possibilities of encountering God in places and people beyond the familiar, by stepping out (digitally at the moment) into Christian communities beyond the one that we know best, our own parish.

In this week's newsletter, you'll find a Google Doc that where you can fill in your or your parish's digital offering--some service or event that you are hosting--that other's from across the Region might want to attend. Maybe you want to host a Theology on Tap from your living room, maybe you're a young adult looking to connect to other young adults in the Region, maybe you want to teach a yoga class from your living room. Whatever it is, it's welcome on the list as one of the many ways where we can listen to God in this strange time. All of your energy and creativity has been on full blast these last few weeks, and now is the time to cast that net wide! The Region Leadership Team and I look forward to recording your answers on our Region website in the coming weeks.

Until then, Easter Alleluias and Easter blessings to you!

April 30th, 4:30pm - SW RLT Meeting, Zoom
SW Region Convocation Cookout @ Sherwood Island State Park-- RESCHEDULED FOR FALL
Opening Your Digital Doors
How are you able to open your electronic doors?

As time has unfolded throughout this pandemic many of your parishes have moved Bible Study groups, EFM groups, Yoga Mass, one-time special services online. The Southwest Region Leadership Team is compiling a list of digital offerings that can be...

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Southwest Region

Covid-19 Updates: A note from your Region Missionary: We need your help! Fill out this Google Doc to let the Region Leadership Team know how you can open your digital doors to the SW Region! UPDATED WEBSITE COMING SOON!

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Region Resources
Racial Healing, Justice, and Reconciliation Request Form:
Even in the midst of COVID-19, ECCT remains committed to the Season of Racial Healing, Justice, and Reconciliation. If you would like assistance in moving forward with this work in your parish please be in contact with our Racial Justice Resource Coordinator Kelli Gibson. For more information please fill out this form here .
Food Safety guidelines from the City of New Haven:
ECCT Blog: Parishes and worshiping communities work together to lower electricity costs ( Read more ):
ECCT-wide Resources
COVID-19 Financial Resources

COVID-19 Financial Resources

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Join Bishop Ian and Bishop Laura for upcoming Zoom conversations:

  • Every Wednesday - Clergy and Lay Leadership Discussion, 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. please refrain from testing link during business hours, as other calls may be taking place. Join Zoom Meeting Here; by phone: +1-646-558-8656 US (New York); Meeting ID: 201 077 6405. 
The Communications Team at the Commons has also been working diligently to compile lists of resources that may be helpful to parishes and individuals--from how to live-stream a Sunday service to tools to help with anxiety, Christian Formation, and community resources.

Please refer to the links below to access all the various resources that are available:
COVID - 19 Coronavirus Updates

Upcoming Zoom Call Meetings with Our Bishops Every Wednesday - Clergy and Lay Leadership Discussion, 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. please refrain from testing link during business hours, as other calls may be taking place. Join Zoom Meeting Here ; by...

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Recordings of past conversations with the Bishops can be found at the link below:
Digital Communication and Worship Tools

Digital Communication and Worship Tools

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Self-Care Resources

Self-Care Resources

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Christ, you are risen with the sun;
you are light in our darkness,
warmth in our cold.
You are peace and hope and joy,
for you went willingly to death.
You turned defeat and failure to victory for all.
You live eternally, and with you live the millions,
living and dead, who trust in you.
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Due to new calls and self care calendar adjustments, we’re still looking for a few folks to join the team. Do you believe collaborative efforts among parishes and common ministry networks will continue to build the Region? If you do, p lease consider being part of the Southwest Region Leadership Team.

To learn more about what it means to be part of the team or if you would like to join, please contact Erendira