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Conference Roundup & Review
Lessons from the Theme

Conference Committee Chair, Rev. Charli Tupper, and her co-chair, Stacy Macris Ros, created an opening session that guided us to place our intentions on "yellow bricks" that were on display throughout the conference. Banquet decorations built on the theme, with poppies at our feet and magic in the air.
And Harold Payne entertained with his on-the-spot song challenge, creating a song based on an the suggested phrase, "Toto escapes"!
Our Workshop Presenter, Dr. Jonathan Young, and his co-presenter, Anne Bach, led us on a SEEKER's journey through Red Riding Hood's forest, along the Wizard of Oz's Yellow Brick Road and into the swamps of Louisiana to find our fortunes. We learned about using familiar and unfamiliar tales and how telling stories casts a certain kind of spell on the listener, and how to use these techniques in our teaching and talks and for our own journaling practice.
Business Meeting and Board News

Outgoing Board President, Rev. Karen Epps, reported on the Key Leader Events, and shared a moment of recognition for Jacquie Hardesty, who stepped down from the Regional Board where she had been LUT Rep. for many years of loving service.

Outgoing Treasurer, Rev. Richard Maraj, presented his report that the Region's funds, as of August 31st, were positive at $15,745.00.

Our new Board Officers were installed at the banquet. Rev. Charli Tupper is now President, with Rev. Lori Fleming as VP, Rev. Arlene Meyer as Treasurer and Rev. Karen Epps as Secretary. The complete Board Listing is available on our Regional website at unityswregion.org under "Regional Board of Trustees" .
Pictured below, from left to right: Rev. Charli Tupper, Rev. Lori Fleming, Rev. Arlene Meyer, Rev. Karen Epps, Rev. Michael Schoonover and Stacy Macris Ros, LUT, CSE. Not pictured, Rev. Richard Maraj.
Updates from Unity World Headquarters and Unity Worldwide Ministries

Here are some videos to give you an overview of the information that was shared during the presentations:

From Unity World Headquarters at Unity Village

From Unity Worldwide Ministries
With her great reminder that CHANGE can mean
C onstantly H aving A N ew G rowth E xperience!

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New LUT Representative
Stacy Macris Ros, LUT, CSE is our new Regional Licensed Unity Teacher Representative.

Please help her communicate with all the LUTs, and prospective LUTs, in the Region by completing this form :
From around the Region
 Unity in La Crescenta celebrates 65 Years
Rev. Jeri Linn (seated center, left) of Unity Church of the Valley in La Crescenta, CA, gathered long-time members, musicians and supporters for a celebratory lunch on Friday, November 15th, the day that marked the church's 65th birthday. Congrats to all who sustain their sweet community!

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