Are your legumes fixing nitrogen?
SURVEYS in NSW found that 90% of legumes were not nodulating adequately, while 20% had no nodules at all. Read more here

Now is the best time to check your nodulation.

So how bad is the problem in the South West? Rate your nodulation in this anonymous three question survey and we'll collate results.
Factors affecting legume nodulation
THERE are plenty of reasons why your legumes might not be nodulating effectively, such as extremes in soil pH (see image), poor inoculant strains or residual herbicides.

The quest for better soils and potatoes
THE Busselton-Marybrook Grower Group has found that growing cover crops between potato rotations benefits soil health, but can't be left to chance.

Read their story here
Feedback from July's edition
WE have updated our Keyline Farming case study (in a new format!) after Adrian Williams suggested we remind readers of the risk of tunnel erosion in duplex soils.

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Local news
Hemp emerges as an extra cropping option

South West Environmental Snapshot

Did you know...

Sheep question? ASKBILL

Sheep CRC's ASKBILL app was launched at LambEx 2018

Other News
Climate Kelpie

Rounding up climate tools for Australian farmers

More than one way to maintain and improve soil health

What's driving profits in mixed enterprises? - MLA


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Upcoming funding
MLA Event Sponsorship will open in mid-September 2018 for events seeking up to $10,000 held during the period 1 January 2019 - 30 June 2019.

The Australian Government's Smart Farms Program has announced that 92 Round 1 applications were successful. Round 2 for both Partnerships and Small Grants will open in 2018/19, so get planning!!

The Regional Estuaries Initiative Soil Testing Program has stopped taking expressions of interest for the next round, but you can register now to get notified when the next EoI opens in 2019

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