SWAN December Newsletter
Letter from the Executive Director | 總監的話
Dear Parents and Guardians,

Happy holidays! It was just couple of months ago that I shared a “Welcome Back” message. I hope everyone has recently received their child(ren’s) progress and updates at the Parents Teacher Conference (PTC). If I have not yet met you at PTC or dismissal at PS11, PS124, True Light or the Preschool , please don’t hesitate to come by and say “hi”. I always enjoy meeting and speaking with parents.  
As a parent myself, I too do understand is not easy in choosing a preschool or after-school program. Therefore, I personally want to congratulate each of you for choosing SWAN. At SWAN, we prioritize in language acquisition and cultural preservation through our teaching. However, at the end of each day, we are always about our children. Each child is important to us and I would not hesitate to say, this statement comes from every single staff member at SWAN. We are always reflecting on how to best improve our teaching and overall operations. In our reflection, we have come to value our parents' feedback the most. 

Again, thank you for choosing SWAN. If you have not clicked on the #giftSwan campaign, take a look HERE . The additional school-wide resources cannot happen without your help. Every donation or corporate donation counts! 

Wishing everyone a warm and joyful holiday season.

Fu Mei Cheung
Executive Director


年終歲末佳節愉快!在幾個月前,我跟各位分享了一份“歡迎回來”的訊息。我希望每位家長都因經過親師座談會能了解孩子的進度。如果我還沒有在親師座談會,11 和124小學, 靈光教堂,或幼兒園跟您見過面, 歡迎你下次跟我直接打招呼。我是很樂意與每位父母見面和交談。
本身也做為家長的我,很明白選擇幼兒園或課後班是並一個不容易的決定。因此,我想在此祝賀你們選擇展望。我們的教育導向是以語言學習和文化保護做為優先。最終,我們還是最關注我們每一個孩子。我可以毫不猶豫地說, 每個孩子對我們每一位展望的員工都非常重要。我們一直在思考如何改善我們的教學和整體運作。我們在反省時非常重視每位父母的回饋。

我再次感謝您選擇展望。如果您還沒有點擊 #giftSwan 籌款活動   請查看 此處 。如果沒有你的幫助,我們將無法增加額外的學校資源。您或企業的每一筆捐款都相當重要!


How does my gift support my child?
Preschool ( 幼兒園)
  • enhance security measures (e.g.CCTV)
  • expand hands-on arts & science exploration
  • improve learning equipment in each classroom and play area (e.q. sensory table, wireless speakers, indoor recreational equipment etc.)

  • 加強安全措施與系統
  • 增加藝術與科學的動手體驗探索材料
  • 改善每個教室和遊樂區的學習設備(例如感官台,無線揚聲器,室內休閒設備等)
After-school (課後班)
  • increase teacher assistant per classroom
  • enhance student pick-up safety by increasing staff numbers
  • new traditional cultural costumes for Lunar New Year performances

  • 增加每個教室的助教
  • 藉由增加教職員人數來提升學生接送的安全
  • 購買新的農曆新年表演傳統文化服裝

We are pleased to offer two complimentary tickets to our Annual Gala and Auction
on May 2, 2019 for donations valued above $500.
( 任何超過500美元的捐款,我們將很樂意贈送 兩張2019年5月2日 展望 年度募款慶典門票)
Check to see if your employer can DOUBLE your gift with  EMPLOYER MATCHING

*Your generous donation is tax-deductible to the full extend allowed by law.)
* 您慷慨的捐贈依法可全額抵稅
A fter School News
End of Year Celebration (12/21)

  • Each classroom will have a relaxing day celebrating the last day of SWAN in 2018.
  • 每個班級將在2018年展望的最後一個上課日舉行歡樂得慶祝會。

Save The Date: Lunar New Year Celebration on March 1, 2019

  • The 2019 Lunar New Year Celebration will be on March 1, 2019 at Jing Fong restaurant with a 10-course meal. Tickets will become available in the end of January.
  • Rehearsal: 30min/day or 2.5 h/week from December through February.

  • 2019年新年慶祝活動將於2019年3月1日星期五在金豐大酒樓舉行。門票將於1月底預售。從12月到2月,每班級安排每天排練30分鐘或每週2.5小時
Preschool Reminder:
The Preschool utilizes the 90 Bowery building's heating system and we try to keep our children as comfortably as we can. We encourage parents to dress your children in layers to ensure they can enjoy their time indoors and outdoor comfortably.

Our staff monitor the weather daily. The Preschoolers will continue to enjoy outdoor activities when the temperature and windchill are above 40 degrees.
Check out our Facebook to view more articles, event updates, and photos.
SWAN Food Drive with City Harvest (11/27 - 12/17)

Thank you for all your donations so far! Our bins are looking bountiful! Collections bins are placed at the  Preschool, PS 124,  and  True Light Church . Consider donating a can of food or nonperishable food item.

感謝您迄今為止的所有捐贈!我們的收集桶看起來很豐富!我們邀請所有展望家庭捐贈 罐裝食品或不易腐爛的食品 。收集箱將放置在幼兒園,124小學和靈光教堂。

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