February 2019 Newsletter
Purchase Lunar New Year Wishes + Tickets
(After 2/15, $100 Adult & $55 non-SWAN child - NO CASH)

2/15之後,成人票$100和非 展望 兒童$55 - 不收現金
Order Lunar NY Advertisement via RSVP Form before 2/15
(ad sample below):
+ $25 Send a New Year wishes to your child
+ $100 FULL Page SWAN family Ad
+ $60 HALF Page SWAN family Ad
在2月15日 之前填寫RSVP表格, 訂購農曆新年特刊 廣告 :
+ $25 送新年祝賀給您的孩子
After-School & Current Non-SWAN Parents: Summer Camp Registration (Early Bird ends on 2/15)
夏令營現在報名開始 (早鳥在2月15日結束)
Help us with Auction and Raffle Donation Requests?  More details
幫助我們 拍賣和抽獎 捐贈 ! 點擊這裡 了解細節
Preschool Only
Wed 2/13 is Picture Day!
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Please return your order form by 2/8/2019.