Dear SWAN Parents and Guardians:

I hope everyone had a great start of the school year! 

Happy belated August Moon Festival. In the past week, both Pre-School and After-School students had a wonderful time participating in August Moon activities. Great job to our teachers for continuing to create a cultural and linguistic experience for everyone. Visit SWAN's Facebook page to check out pictures and videos from the past weeks.

On another front, if you have missed Dr. Nancy Eng's talk this past Saturday on Bilingualism, Nancy's slides and information can be downloaded HERE .  The next two workshops are definitely not to be missed! Please see below for more information.

Last but not the least, I am pleased to announce SWAN's Communications and Development Director, Ming-Yi Smith. You will receive communication from Ming-Yi on upcoming parents workshop and family events. Ming-Yi, a proud SWAN parent, is also a professional project manager with experience from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. She will be a great asset to the SWAN team. If you have suggestions or ideas on future family or parents events, please feel free to email Ming-Yi .
希望大家有個愉快的中秋節。在這 過去的一週裡,幼兒園和課後班學生都參加了中秋節活動。感謝我們的老師致力於為學生創造文化和語言的體驗。請瀏覽 展望的臉書 ,可看到過去幾週班級活動的圖片和視頻。

另一方面,如果您在上週六錯過了伍寶寶博士的雙語教育研討會,可以從我們的臉書下載 伍寶寶博士的演講大綱 和信息。請不要錯過接下來的兩個研討會, 請參閱下面的更多信息。

最後,我很高興跟大家宣布展望的通訊和發展總監莊明宜女士。明宜會將即將舉行的家長研討會和家庭活動的信息發給大家。 明宜也是展望的家長。她不僅會從家長的觀點協助展望規劃學校的各項活動,而且她過去在紐約聯邦準備銀行的專業方案管理經驗更將成爲展望的寶貴資產。我相信明宜的加入將幫助學校提升到一個更高的水平。 如果您對未來的家庭活動有任何建議或想法,請隨時發送電子郵件給 明宜 .


Fu Mei Cheung 張富美
Executive Director 行政總監