Volume 1 | August 29, 2019
SWANA Old Dominion News
President's Message
Hello Old Dominion Membership! Over the past several months the Chapter has started looking at how we communicate with over 360 members to make it a more meaningful experience. One of the first objectives was to rework the existing website to include an easier user interface including highlighted information on training, safety, and committees. In the future we are looking to add presentations, meeting minutes, and Read More
Upcoming Events
News from Virginia DEQ
The results of the periodic review of the Virginia Solid Waste Management Regulations (VSWMR – 9 VAC 20-81) is complete.  Click here to see a report of the results. 

Since the result of the periodic review is to amend the regulation, DEQ is in the process of preparing a Notice of Intended Regulatory Action (NOIRA). The NOIRA is required to be approved by the Governor's office before the agency can proceed with publishing the NOIRA. Once the NOIRA is approved by the Governor's office the NOIRA will be published in the Virginia Register. There will be a Regulatory Advisory Panel (RAP) to develop amendments to the regulations. 

Link to Virginia Townhall release of results of Periodic Review of the VSWMR:

Additionally, the Virginia Regulatory Town Hall website contains helpful flowcharts that explain the regulatory development process. These charts explain the numerous steps that are taken to amend a regulation. These charts can be found on the following: