‌Seeking a Part-Time Coordinator 

In partnership with Central Maryland nonprofits and through funding from the National Science

Foundation (NSF), we are creating SWAP, a community tool that provides a new way for

nonprofits to obtain the necessary resources and talents to support their purpose-driven needs.

In support of this project, we are seeking applications for a part-time coordinator.

Duration: January 2023 until December 2026

Anticipated Compensation and Commitment: up to 10 hours a week for 50 weeks per year at

the loaded hourly rate of $38 per hour. This could be an individual consultant contract or could

expand a current employee’s role to include these duties via a grant-funded salary position at a

local nonprofit.

Primary Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Carry out day to day coordination of the NSF project.

2. Coordinating and scheduling of the working groups, ensuring participants can access

and navigate the software platform, coordinating training needs, scheduling interviews,

administering technology assessment and research surveys, and IRB form.

3. Operationally running the SWAP episodes, that is, communicating the start and

deadlines for the rounds of each episode, and will ensure all data is entered prior to

solving the reallocation of resources using the software, communicate with the

participating nonprofits and the research team and coordinate that arrangements have

been made at participating nonprofits to make the exchanges. After the exchanges have

occurred, this person will help coordinate feedback elicitation, helping to schedule

interviews and encourage survey participation.

4. Serving as a contact point for the partner nonprofits to identify any issues or concerns.

5. Participate in electronic Action Research Focused team meetings.

6. Coordinate reporting, invoices, and dissemination activities.

Ideal Candidate:

1. Respected Central Maryland community member who is part of the nonprofit ecosystem

2. Excellent written and oral communication skills

3. Proficient in using Microsoft products and web-based computer applications

4. Organized individual who has experience meeting deadlines and managing multiple tasks


Application Process and Deadline: Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume

to Professor Jen Pazour (pazouj@rpi.edu) by September 31, 2022. The position will remain

open until filled.

Questions about the role can be sent to Professor Jen Pazour (pazouj@rpi.edu). 

We welcome candidates who will bring diverse perspectives to this initiative.