An Announcement Regarding the Southwest California Synod Assembly
By resolution of the SWCA Synod Council, synod assembly will not be held in 2020. The 2021 synod assembly is scheduled for June 4 - 5, and tentatively will again be hosted by California Lutheran University. The synod council’s resolution also extends the elected terms of those council and committee members whose service was to expire in 2020 for an additional year, including that of synod Vice President, Randall Foster. Elections for the positions that would have expired in 2020, as well as for those expiring in 2021, will take place at the 2021 assembly.

A majority of SWCA Synod congregations opted for reduced-price early bird registration for the 2020 assembly. If your congregation is one of them, your payment will be automatically applied to the 2021 assembly and your congregational fee will be considered to be paid in full*, even if the 2021 fee increases. 

If your congregation is in need of a refund of the pre-paid assembly fee, please let Samantha Henderson ( know ASAP. The deadline to request a refund is Tuesday, June 30 , after which your pre-paid fee will be automatically applied to the 2021 assembly. We strongly encourage congregations who have pre-paid this fee to apply it to the 2021 assembly rather than to request a refund, as it will result in a net savings for the congregation, and the congregation will not have to include it as an item in their 2021 budget. 

We regret the necessity of cancelling the SWCA/Pacifica Joint Assembly, and look forward to the fellowship and learning opportunities of a future shared event. We are eager to meet again in assembly in a post-pandemic world, and to share the our experiences and the lessons we have learned about finding ways to be an inclusive church "out of the building." 

SWCA Synod
Office of the Bishop

*Please note that pre-paid early bird congregational fees include assembly attendance for a senior pastor and two lay voting members, and do not include the fee for additional rostered leaders, additional lay voting members, visitors, and lodging costs. 
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