SWI "QuickPicks" Stocks Keep Rising
Up Another 10% Year-to-Date - 62% Total
Los Angeles, Calif., February 21, 2018. The same as in our SWI Portfolio, stability and consistency does the trick, especially in such turbulent times as we have experienced lately. While we do not apply the same level of due diligence to our SWI "QuickPicks" as to our Portfolio picks, we still are making sure that we only present stocks that can generate a solid rate of return. The SWI QuickPicks are a collection of third party analyst opinions mixed with our own research. The result is that our QuickPicks also have performed exceptionally well over time and do deserve your attention, maybe more for short term trading than long-term holding..

S&P Gain 32% - SWI QuickPicks Gain 62%

Our QuickPicks may not have the same sensational performance as our SWI portfolio, a portfolio that has a track record of stellar performance over nearly three years now, but 62% gains is still considerably better than most other portfolios or indexes, especially if you compare it with the S&P having gained only 32% during the same period of time.

Inflation Fears
Many big investment houses and their Chief analysts fear that the current tax bill, while maybe putting a small amount of money into some peoples pockets, over all and over an extended period of time will heat up the financial markets, by stirring inflationary fears, which might cause the Feds to raise interest rates. We all know that this typically does not bode well for stocks in general.

Hedge Your Bets
QuickPicks to the rescue. Picking solid, currently still undervalued stocks, as we do with our QuickPicks, can counterbalance this potential effect and still generate generous returns. Should the described scenario not become reality, our QuickPicks will do just fine, basically hedging your risk. Our research team is always scouting the markets for new and exceptional opportunities to add to our QuickPicks and make you aware immediately when we believe its time to drop a stock. Do not miss any of our newsletters.
* CAT Atlantic Group merged with Lennar Corporation

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Rainer Poertner - Chief Analyst
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