School leadership teams from coast-to-coast monitor their progress toward full implementation of equity-based inclusive education with the SWIFT Fidelity Integrity Assessment. This easy to use self-assessment supports structured conversations around 22 descriptive statements about inclusive practices. Through this process the team builds a shared understanding of their progress and identifies priorities for their action plans. Download a SWIFT-FIA for free at , learn to use it by watching the brief training video, and track your results in the FIA tracker. And, of course, if you need assistance to make greater progress contact .

SWIFT Talk features Dr. Allyson Satter as she recounts a conversation with a school district leader that reminded her that just believing inclusive education is the right thing to do is not enough to make it happen. State, district, and school leaders may want to, and even believe they should, implement inclusive practices, but knowing where to start can seem daunting. Dr. Satter’s SWIFT Talk blog, “Where do you even begin? Begin with SWIFT-FIA" takes the mystery out of making the first step toward equity-based inclusive education.

Do you like to write and have a story to share about equity-based MTSS or inclusive education? SWIFT welcomes submissions that advance the practice of equity, excellence, and All Means All. Click here for submission guidelines.

SWIFT Talk is a blog where you can find brief articles from various points of view in the SWIFT community.   

This month SWIFT Unscripted shares a powerful interview with Mary Wilson, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Hudson New Hampshire. Her work in a SWIFT implementation site led her to the conclusion that she could not talk about the SWIFT-FIT with without talking about the SWIFT-FIA as well. When her school saw their internal reckonings using the SWIFT-FIA differed from an external assessor’s perspective using SWIFT-FIT, they did a lot of brainstorming and critical thinking that enabled them to pinpoint specific activities they could undertake to advance their implementation of the SWIFT framework.

SWIFT Unscripted is a monthly podcast featuring guests from among the SWIFT community. A transcript link for each SWIFT Unscripted podcast is available at the end of its description. You can listen on SoundCloud or iTunes , or visit the SWIFT Unscripted page to download the podcast to your computer. 

Here’s another opportunity to share your inclusion story. Our friends at the Inclusion Collaborative in Santa Clara County Office of Education issued a call for presenters at their Annual Inclusion Collaborative Conference in October, 2018. If you would like to share your research findings, a novel approach, or innovative practices that foster inclusion click here for more information about how to submit your presenter proposal.

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