SWIFT Equity-Forward Forums for Educators
Featuring Dr. Alisia Moutry
A webinar series in racial equity in education with three opportunities for live, interactive, personal and professional learning in equity-forward practices for educators. First webinar in the series will be March 5, 2021 noon-1pm (central).
Anti-Racism Vodcast Series
(Re)claim, (Re)vitalize, (Re)imagine, & (Re)commit Anti-Racism
Vodcast Series, The 20-Minute Talk, Episodes Airing Now!
Our partners in equity at the Midwest and Plains Equity Assistance Center (MAP Center), is excited to announce the launch of (Re)claim, (Re)vitalize, (Re)imagine, & (Re)commit Anti-Racism Vodcast Series entitled The 20-Minute Talk! This Series provides an opportunity to understand and examine how educational stakeholders define and frame intersectional, anti-racist educational practice; how their own identities shape their understandings of anti-racist leadership; as well as provide key and unapologetic insights on what is required, beyond platitudes, toward concrete policies and practices to realize racially just school communities.
We invite you to check out The 20-Minute Talk schedule and guest speakers!
Increase Inclusive Practices in
Washington Schools in 2021
Spots open now for Washington Inclusionary Practices professional learning!

SWIFT is offering Washington principals and leadership teams a virtual, blended learning event across 8 weeks in April & May. This learning series will develop school leaders’ equity mindset and understanding of the complete range of student variability, as well as lay out a pathway for their school to become an equitable and inclusive learning environment that supports students with all types of learning needs and life circumstances.

The event is for Washington education leaders only and FREE thanks to OSPI’s inclusionary practices project.

From the Resource Shelf: Research to Practice
Equity as a Basis for Inclusive
Educational Systems Change
Equity-based inclusion cannot fully occur under the present frame of education. This research to practice brief presents what inclusive education looks like in practice based on a review of literature.
Family & Community
Free SWIFT brochures and materials especially for family and community members may be downloaded for use in newsletters, on websites, or printed as handouts.
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