May 20, 2016 
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On Tuesday, May 31st at 6:00 PM in the El Camino Creek auditorium Interns will present SWPPP plans to EUSD Board of Trustees.


Updates Written By Our Interns
Lately in SWPPP we have been very busy. Over this year we have covered a lot. We recently went on a field trip which you probably already know. We learned how even a parking lot can be designed to help the environment. Currently we are working on an iMovie and a Keynote for our upcoming presentation. A while back, during Earth week, we did a Don't Skip SWPPP presentation where we did demos and showed people what we do in SWPPP. One of our activities was a scavenger hunt. This year we have been very busy.
Recently, Flora Vista SWPPP went on a field trip to the La Costa Town Square to check out the BMP's and we went to the Leucadia Waste Water Facility. The BMP's that were shown to us was a great deal of inspiration to our SWPPP and we have many new ideas to improve our drains. Every meeting we are working on all of our BMP paragraphs and the iMovie and Keynote for the SWPPP presentation. Recently adults came to our school from different Waste Water Facilities to look at our drain BMP's. One Flora Vista BMP was comics and they are being included on a poster for SDCOE at the CASQ conference. Flora Vista SWPPP is also a finalist for the award Outstanding Education Program for the city of Carlsbad! FV SWPPP has been quite busy and has many exciting things going on!
La Costa Heights SWPPP interns have been busy the past few months. To start, we collected  money for our Flint, Michigan fundraiser. We raised a grand total of $1,000 and we the sent the check to the United Way of Genesse County, Flint Water Fund. Also, last month we went on our final field trip. We visited the City of Encinitas to look at some of their BMP's that have been installed to mitigate stormwater runoff. We learned about a bioswale in a parking lot, porous asphalt, and a facility near the beach where stormwater is treated with UV light to get rid of bacteria.
Recently, in SWPPP at Mission Estancia, we have been working on many different projects. One thing that we did was clean the drains, which helped eliminate harmful substances, such as TSS from the drains. In SWPPP, there is a group of people assigned to each drain, and every week SWPPPers meet with people in their assigned groups. In groups, SWPPPERS assess the quality of the drains, write reports and BMPs(Best Managment Practices) for the drains, look online for drain filters, etc. We design our BMPs based on the kind of pollutants and quantity of pollutants found in samples of storm water. We have only sampled once recently, and based on the results from that test, we were able to get a sense of how to improve our drains. Recently, we also took a field trip to the Leucadia Waste and Water Treatment Plant, where we learned about how wastewater is treated, and what the process of treating the water involves. Aside from that, SWPPP Mission Estancia has been featured in broadcasts and iMovies, including a winning iVie (from last year).
This spring in SWPPP we worked on the presentations. The groups brainstormed and put together the main BMP ideas into a concise slide. For the iMovie, the drain groups were interviewed and they were asked to give the drain problem, and what they presume to do about it.
Over the past month the Ocean Knoll SWPPP team has been working very hard. We have been doing visual observations, doing multiple rain collections, and writing out plan. While the sixth graders were away at camp the fifth graders did a visual observation and a rain collections. After our last collection we tested our rain water ourselves and found vey high pollution. We have been doing a lot.
Milestones & News

SWPPPers at LCH raised $1,000 for the Flint Water Fund

Community Outreach

In April, eight EUSD SWPPP interns presented to educators at the 
2016 San Diego Science Education Conference about  the SWPPP Internship Program and gave summary of test results and Best Management Practice projects.

Also in April, the  interns presented to the  Solana Beach Eco Rotary Club,  explaining how  the  SWPPP Internship program is helping reduce stormwater runoff on their school campuses while giving the kids real-world experience in Best Management Practices.

Field Trips
SWPPPers from OPE, ME & FV inspected BMPs at the new La Costa Town Square parking lot and toured Leucadia Wasterwater District. 

Interns from ECC, OK, and LCH visited the Coaster parking lot, Cottonwood Creek Park and Moonlight Beach outflow to understand the impact of storm water pollution planning.
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