Dear Seattle Waldorf School Community,

On Wednesday, September 23, more than six months after three police officers killed Breonna Taylor while she was asleep in her apartment, a grand jury announced that just one former officer would face charges in a case that has become a focal point of the protests against police brutality and systemic injustice here in Seattle and throughout the country. This is nowhere near the murder charges anticipated by so many.

Our school unequivocally believes that Black Lives Matter and that we must work with outstretched hands to fight for justice for all. We must all do the work to end systemic racism on our streets and in our courts. We believe that Breonna Taylor's life was taken unjustly and we ask that you continue to say her name, Breonna Taylor. Imagine if this was your child or loved one? We support all in our community who are struggling with fear, wrestling with anger, and in need of care as we together reconcile how to continue to seek equity and to find resolution. 

We hope to find tangible ways to demonstrate our outrage and will share them out to our community as we find them both in our written communications and on our social media. We must uphold one another and in seeking justice we must expand We the People to include equity and justice for ALL the people. Breonna Taylor.
In Peace,

Curt Eckman
Board President
Raquel Scharf-Anderson
Head of School

"If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded.
We are only as blind as we want to be."

-Maya Angelou

2020-2021 Board of Trustees

Curt Eckman, President
Eva Elliott, Vice President
Andy Hoag, Secretary
Fred Ingham, Treasurer
Dan Amdur
Brigitte Bertschi
Nat Burgess
Nettie Fabrie
Erika Lindsay
Tanja Omeze
Steve Roos
Cathy Simon
Peter von Homeyer
Richard Watkins

Katherine Leggett, Parent Association Chair (Ex Officio)
Raquel Scharf-Anderson, Head of School (Ex Officio)

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