SWTA Bargaining  Update as of
Tuesday,  August 4,  2020 @  1:00 pm
Today SWTA Bargaining Team: Chair Brenda Robles, Alvaro Alvarez, Norma Sahagun, Melissa Romo, Lorena Garcia, Sara Golden and CTA Staff Helen Farias met with the SBUSD bargaining team to continue discussions around:

  • The District’s counter-proposal in regards to Distance Learning (CLICK HERE)
  • SWTA’s counter-proposal in regards to Distance Learning (CLICK HERE)
  • Based on the Board of Trustee’s decision from July 23rd to implement distance learning through January 2021, SWTA has made distance learning a priority. There is an understanding that other impacts and effects will be addressed later. 
  • A pending discussion in regards to a possible revision to the Calendar MOU was tabled by the district 

Next Bargaining Session is scheduled for
August 11, 2020. 

Brenda Robles (Bargaining Chair), Alvaro Alvarez, Lorena Garcia, Sara Golden, Norma Sahagun, Melissa Romo and Helen Farias (CTA Staff).

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