SWTA Bargaining Update as of
Tuesday, January 26, 2021
Today the SWTA Bargaining Team met with the SBUSD bargaining team (Janea Marking, Melissa Griffith, Estela Corrales, Jon Pearl, Amy Cooper and Pamela Reichert-Montiel) to continue discussions in regards to  THE SAFETY CONDITIONS/ HYBRID MODEL FOR REOPENING SCHOOLS IN THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC DURING THE 2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR.

SWTA Bargaining Team presented their third counter-proposal to the District. After a brief discussion the teams went into caucus. The teams discussed priorities in regards to safety, workload and student needs, and reanalyzed the current AABB hybrid model. A draft of the 2021-2022 school year calendar was proposed and will be presented to the SWTA Executive board for  approval.

Next Bargaining Session TBD February 05, 2021

Brenda Robles (Bargaining Chair), Alvaro Alvarez, Lorena Garcia, Sara Golden, Norma Sahagun, Melissa Romo and Helen Farias (CTA Staff). 

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