March 2011
Terra From SWTC Display 
Terra From SWTC Display
It was a beautiful 88 in Phoenix today. Can you imagine? Anyhow, I couldn't help but think about spring and all of the wonderful knitting projects ahead of us. So, here are some of my favorite Terra projects to tempt you.  Terra is a fabulous cotton and bamboo blend that has been a standout in the SWTC Collection. Grab it at your LYS or here.

 String Me Along has been selling like mad. For all of you Yin and Yang fans, this is a treat. String Me Along is the Sequins strand from Yang, packaged for you to carry along with anything in your stash.

Spinners.. get ready to ply!

If you love bling.. this will be your new favorite. Can you tell I've been feeli ng the need to sparkle lately?

Jonelle notes: what about knitting up something that is just this strand in an open, fabulous cover up or blingy thingy to cover a summer top? hmmmmmm.


 Everything is coming up glitz!

You can order String Me Along here also and it will be sent by a store nearby.


Jazz is a great yarn to knit by itself or as a carry-along yarn. It adds sparkle and because its soft, enhances the feel of the project. Our knitters compliment Jazz noting its the softest metallic they've worked with in a long time.

jazz ad 

Remember our adorable Dream Big Hat called VERVE? We re-knit it here with White Dream Big and Silver (A006) JAZZ. It is subtle and fun!

It's that simple... just carry Jazz along with any of your favorite yarns for a wonderful, elegant option.

crop of verve

              Little Star is here.


Little Star TwinkleOur newest yarn, LITTLE STAR is here.  Find it at your local yarn shop or here . It is perfect for socks, shawls, scarves, and anything else you can dream up. The subtle sparkle will make your imagination soar with ideas. I can't wait to see what you dream up! We love it so much, we're already planning new colors for you!

Twinkle (right) is Caryn Leighton shawl in Little Star coming out in the June  issue of Knit N Style. Watch for the fabulous pattern in your copy of Knit N Style.

In the same issue of Knit N Style, you will also find these fabulous designs in Phoenix and Treisur's Purlescence.

travelling vines in phx

       THE PATTERN SHOP                                               
We are always looking for new ways to make sure you have all of the details about SWTC yarns and the beautiful patterns to go with them. Many of our patterns are free with the purchase of SWTC yarns when you buy them at your favorite local yarn store.

              Make sure to ask when you buy our yarns!

Please support these wonderful merchants whenever you can. They are your best resource. We know that getting to a yarn store isn't always an option, so we also make our patterns available for you to purchase on several online venues.  With pattern in hand, you can order online or call your LYS to get our yarns.

The SWTC Pattern Store is one more online venue to help you get your favorite SWTC patterns faster and easier! Whether you just want to browse and see them all or grab a few of your favorites, our new pattern store is up and ready for your shopping fun.

We hope that you will choose SWTC yarns for all of your knitting projects. Tell your LYS that you love SWTC and remind them to call for the yarns you want to purchase!  


karaoke double trouble 











SWTC Karaoke solid (same color), 2 sks 

SWTC karaoke multi color, 1 sk 

US 7 circular needle, 20 inch

Tapestry needle, Stitch marker

Contrast color waste yarn


With waste yarn, co 80 sts for adult size, 60 sts for child size and join being careful not to twist, place marker. Knit 4 rounds. Remember to slip marker throughout.

Leave a long tail when adding 1st yarn and when finishing,


Change to solid Karaoke and knit 40 rounds.

Change to multi Karaoke and knit 40 rounds.

Change to solid Karaoke and knit 40 rounds.


With tapestry needle, thread the tail thru all sts and snug up. Fasten off.


With tapestry needle, thread tail of beginning yarn and thread through and snug up. Fasten off.


Alternate ideas: 

For an interesting twist, do K1, P1 rib on multi color, or k2, p2 or seed stitch.

Be creative and use a fun stitch for the multi color section. 


Another interesting twist would be to use two different solid colors to match the multi-color used & make it a reversible hat.



Push 1puckered end up into the hat and fasten to the other puckered end, doubling the fabric.


Now you can either leave the top as is or make a pompom or any other decorative top knot.


So friends... the Karaoke Hat pattern was Jonette's go to pattern for the holidays. At last count, she made over a dozen of them, proving they are fast and fun.

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Happy Knitting!

Have other ideas for SWTC and summer fun? know of any contests, games or -alongs we can join in?

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Get ready for EASTER....
soynia bunny


The SOYSILK PALS are perfect gifts for Easter!!  Order yours here.

zip collection
SWTC RHINESTONE ZIPPERS are fabulous for your knitting and sewing projects. With a wide range of colors and lengths from 6 inches to 22 inches, you will find a great deal of more glitz with SWTC.

infatuation sock

Pick 2 skeins of Treisur Infatuation and knit this sock! The pattern is free
           stock up.


toe jam closeup

Socks a La Carte 2: Toes Up!: Pick and Choose Patterns to Knit Socks Your Way

Socks A La Carte 2: Toes Up! is available at your local yarn store now! We love all of the improvements including solid tofutsies to make the patterns easier to see. The book is beautiful. Did you know book 3 is in production now?

       Watch for
Socks A La Carte 3: Colorwork in 2011.

Make sure to grab a copy of  the original Socks A La Carte if you haven't already.

 toe jam closeup

Purls Forever

by Jonelle Beck Raffino

Purls Forever is all about the SWTC Family. This award winning book shares the story of knitting through the generations sharing treasured family patterns from the past, reknit with a modern twist

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