December 11, 2021
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Mount Horeb Makes A Statement
on Redistricting Reform

The following item was on the Village of Mount Horeb's December Board Meeting ;
"Consider Resolution 2021-23 Supporting Creation of a Non-Partisan Procedure for the Preparation of Legislative and Congressional Redistricting Plans."

The proposed action was initiated by a group of concerned citizens wishing to take action on the important issue of redistricting reform. After a spirited discussion on the resolution the Mount Horeb Board passed the resolution. The village's statement of resolve, will be forwarded to legislators, the Governor and League of municipalities. Mt Horeb will an impressive list of municipalities throughout the state who have resolved to revive democracy by adopting non-partisan districting. To see the proceedings go to:


WHEREAS, pursuant to Article VI, Section 3 of the Wisconsin Constitution, the Wisconsin Legislature is directed to redistrict state legislative districts “according to the number of inhabitants” at its next session following the decennial federal census. The Legislature also reapportions congressional districts at the same interval pursuant to federal law; and,
WHEREAS, because state and federal legislative redistricting is controlled by the majority party at the time of the redistricting, legislative and congressional plans in Wisconsin have been subject to partisan influence that puts the desires of politicians ahead of the electoral prerogative of the people; and,
WHEREAS, the state and congressional districts belong to the citizens of Wisconsin and not to any legislator, interest group or political party, the redistricting process should not be a tool used by those in power to protect and bolster their power, but should be designed with the best interest of Wisconsin’s democracy and its citizens; and,
WHEREAS, Wisconsin’s historical practice of redistricting by the majority party in each legislative chamber is an outdated practice that stifles political competition, discourages compromise, ensures continued control by the party in power, and lacks the transparency necessary to reinforce citizens’ faith in the democratic process; and,
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Village Board of the Village of Mount Horeb hereby requests the State Legislature pass legislation that creates a fair, nonpartisan and transparent procedure for the preparation of legislative and congressional redistricting plans; and,
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the process promotes more accountability and transparency and prohibits the consideration of voting patterns, party information, and incumbents’ residence information or demographic information in drawing the maps, except as necessary to ensure minority participation as required by the U.S. Constitution; and,
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Village Board of the Village of Mount Horeb advocates for an amendment to the Wisconsin Constitution giving the responsibility of legislative redistricting to a nonpartisan commission; and,
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Village Clerk is directed to send a copy of this resolution to the Governor of the State of Wisconsin, the Wisconsin League of Municipalities, its current representatives and leadership of the State Legislature.
Introduced and passed this 1st day of December, 2021. 
Below: Nice article on the approval of Mt. Horeb resolution on redistricting reform in this week's Mt. Horeb Mail. Pick up a copy in town, or subscribe to online edition at
Jon Erpenbach Will Not Seek Reelection

After representing Wisconsin’s 27th Senate District for more than two decades, Democrat Jon Erpenbach announced he will not seek reelection in 2022. This retirement puts even more importance on the 2022 election cycle, which will determine the makeup of State and Federal legislative offices. John's advice was quoted in the this week's Capitol Times is as follows;
__________________________ . __________________________
His advice to whoever is next elected to the seat is, “just recognize that you have to take it from the position of, everybody has something to offer, and that whether people supported you or not is not the point. The point is, whoever takes over in this seat is the state senator of 180,000 people, and you need to reconfigure that and work with anybody and everybody.”

His advice for his colleagues in the Capitol is similar: “Right now, I think both sides are so loud that they just can’t hear each other. I would spend as much time as you can talking with and listening to somebody you disagree with — find out why they think the way they think.”

“I do think the partisan divide, when you get right down to it, isn't as wide as it might seem,” Erpenbach said. “We all pretty much want the same things when it comes to schools. We all want the same thing when it comes to Wisconsin and giving people opportunities. I do think the minority of the majority is in control right now, and that’s something Republicans are going to have to sort out on their own. I tend to think that most Republicans I know don’t think the election was stolen. Most Republicans I know think the Gableman (election review) odyssey is embarrassing.
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Below - Jon addresses Mt. Horeb residents at SWWAP event in the landmark Old Schoolhouse.
SWWAP thanks Jon for his many years of public service on behalf of his constituents.
The Latest Marquette University Law School Poll

72% of those who expressed an opinion prefer a non-partisan commission drawing maps rather than politicians drawing their own district maps.

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