April 2018 Member Newsletter
School Leadership Teams - Don't Miss Out!
Summer Leadership Conference
June 18-20 at Arrowwood/Alexandria

  • Clay Cook, University of Minnesota
  • Stephanie Graff, MDE
  • Dawn Zimmerman, The Write Advantage
In addition to conferences, we have a lot of other PD to offer! www.swsc.org/workshops
Administrative Services
CPC Spring Ordering Update
Spring ordering season is in full swing. For ultimate efficiency, use our quick and easy shopping solution, the Express

Do your teachers like to use Requisition Forms to place their orders? Have you seen the recently completed spring paper catalog? Find all of this on our website by clicking this link.

Contact Shareen Neumann with questions about Cooperative Purchasing Connection at shareen.neumann@swsc.org. www.swsc.org/cp
Group Purchases Available for Dell and Sophos

Group Purchase of Dell Computers : We have pricing for many different configurations for labs, students, teachers and administration. Contact Mike Carter at mike.carter@swsc.org for pricing information.

Group Purchase for Sophos Endpoint Protection Suite : We are offering another 3-year group purchase opportunity for our members. The endpoint protection suite included in the group purchase is the “Sophos Endpoint Protection Advanced” suite, which includes the Sophos Enterprise Console for on premise deployment. New this year, you may add on “Sophos eXploit Protection” in addition to Sophos Endpoint Protection for select devices. eXploit Prevention is a “next-generation” endpoint protection suite that adds ransomware, zero-day threats, and exploits on top of the Sophos AntiVirus protection. Contact Josh Sumption at josh.sumption@swsc.org for more information.

Note: Technology Coordinators and Superintendents were emailed information/additional documents on these group purchases from Mike Carter and/or Josh Sumption.
Health and Safety Update
Lead in Water
As you may know MN passed a Lead in School Drinking Water Standard in 2017. The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has posted the “Lead in Water Testing” guidance on their website. 

If you have questions regarding this requirement or for testing information please contact Christine.Schmitt@swsc.org .
TimeClock Plus

Is your district looking for a time keeping software? TimeClock Plus may be the solution.

What is TimeClock Plus? TimeClock Plus is a time keeping software that is available through SWWC at an additional cost. Demographic data for a newly hired employee and existing employee can be electronically transferred from SMART System into the TimeClock Plus database. Employee hours and leave can be exported from TimeClock Plus into your Smart System, streamlining your payroll process. The system has many capabilities, is web based and accessible via the Internet. SWWC provides support for TimeClock Plus including setup and ongoing training. 

If you have questions or are interested in more information, contact Bethany at 507-537-2274 or bethany.victor@swsc.org.
Discover the World & Outer Space Through Google Expeditions Virtual Reality Kit
I magine teaching your students about Lincoln’s Assassination and being able to transport your class directly to the Ford Theatre. Google Expeditions Virtual Reality (VR) Kits allow teachers to take their students on virtual field trips (Expeditions) to amazing places such as the Coral Reefs, the Great Wall, the Liberty Bell, track the path of Syrian refugees, view the respiratory system, and even into outer space. There are over 230 expeditions to choose from. To view the expedition list that are available please visit bit.ly/SWWCGooE

SWWC has made virtual reality possible through a grant from Minnesota Telemedia. SWWC received two sets of Google Expeditions VR Kits for use by K-12 schools that are a member of the SWWC. Each kit contains a teacher device, 30 student devices, 30 viewers, and a router that allows the student devices to “travel” to the classroom destination. The student devices do not need Internet and will not be connected to your school’s wireless network. The kits are completely self-contained and very easy to share amongst multiple classrooms in a school and even multiple schools in a district. Schools will be able to check-out and borrow the kits for use in their schools free of charge, with the exception of shipping costs when necessary. Schools can reserve a kit and use it for 1 week.

To inquire about open dates and reserve a kit, please contact our Helpdesk at helpdesk@swsc.org
Upcoming RMIC Workshops

June 14: Finance YE Training Workshop – Slayton
June 18: Finance YE Training Workshop – Marshall
June 25: Finance YE Training Workshop – Willmar

Register for these workshops at www.swsc.org/workshops
Education Services
Teaching & Learning Updates
Upcoming Professional Development
April 30: MDE ESSA Regional Meeting
May 8: World's Best Workforce with MDE
June 5-6: STEM Academy
June 11: New to PBIS
June 13: Data Training and Focus Groups
June 13: Visual Phonics
June 18 - 20: Summer Leadership Conference 2018 -- Arrowwood

View the event flyers from MDE for more information on the ESSA and WBWF meetings at SWWC on April 30 and May 8.

Find more information and register at www.swsc.org/workshops
2018 Teacher Licensure Renewal Webinars
Find more information about each webinar and register at www.swsc.org/workshops .
All webinars will be held from 3:30pm - 4:30pm .

May 2 - Teaching All Students: A Guide to Accommodations and Modifications
May 15 - Engaging Students with Interactive Tools
May 21 - Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies
2018-19 Student Conference Dates

Mark your calendars for the three student conference dates next year!

Conference for Young Artists: October 25, 2018
Conference for Young Writers: January 9, 2019
Science and Nature Conference: May 15, 2019

Keep up to date with Student Enrichment Events at www.swsc.org/studentactivities
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