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Law Seminar for School Administrators

Date/Time: Thursday, February 21 from 9am - 2pm
Location: SWWC Marshall
Fee: $85 (includes lunch)
Presenter: Jennifer Earley; Ratwik, Roszak and Maloney

Topics include (1) Discipline of Special Education Students, (2) Hiring Issues, (3) Accommodating Transgender Students (works for schools) and Transgender Employees (works for schools and employees) and (4) Defining the School’s Role in Toxic Custody Disputes.

Looking for Supervisory Training?
The February webinar will be February 12 from 1:30pm - 2:30pm. The topic is Conduct Stay Interviews and Retain Your Employees, presented by Abby Polzine, SWWC Human Resources Supervisor.

SWWC is Hosting TWO Career Fairs in March

March 26, 2019: Southwest Minnesota Education Career Fair
Location: Red Baron Arena and Expo in Marshall
Time: 4pm - 6pm

SWWC has partnered with numerous Universities who have already slotted this on their syllabi for the spring semester. We anticipate over 100 attendees.

If you know anyone looking for a job in education, share the Attendee Flyer with them.

If your district is interested in having a booth, read more on the School District Flyer.

March 27-28, 2019: Virtual Career Fair
Time: 10am - 5pm each day

During the virtual career fair, attendees can see school districts looking to hire, and interact with them from the comfort of their home, office or dorm! Read more in the Attendee Flyer.

School districts can connect with job seekers without leaving the office - and meet candidates from across the United States. Read more in the School District Flyer.

Contact Sarah Bartz for more information or to reserve a booth at the career fairs!
Administrative Services
Find the latest vendor information on our website at www.swsc.org/cp.

Have CP questions? Contact us at CPSupport@swsc.org.
Registration is Open!

We are so excited about our 2019 Keynote Speaker, Alice Keeler!

You do not want to miss this conference, especially if you are a Google School!

More details can be found on the conference website

New Last Fall for Health Insurance Pool

What is Omada?
Omada is an online behavioral counseling program designed to help at-risk individuals combat obesity-related chronic disease. Participants in the Omada program learn how to make modest health changes that can lead to weight loss and reduced risk for type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Learn more and watch the 3-minute video at omadahealth.com/mhc

How do I apply?
Individuals interested in the Omada program can visit omadahealth.com/mhc to take a one-minute risk screener and find out if they meet the clinical enrollment criteria to participate in the program. The risk screener asks a few questions about height, weight, and health conditions. Those who are eligible to enroll will receive an email invitation to join the Omada program.
*Members within the WesternMN network are not eligible for Omada at this time.

Who is eligible for Omada?
If you or your adult family members are at risk for type 2 diabetes or heart disease, and enrolled in our Blue Cross ® and Blue Shield ® of Minnesota health plan, you may be eligible. Visit omadahealth.com/mhc to take a one-minute screener and find out if you meet the clinical enrollment criteria to participate in the program. *Members within the WesternMN network are not eligible to participate in Omada at this time.

How much does it cost?
There’s no additional cost for eligible participants.

Why is SWWC offering this program?
60% of Americans are now at risk for chronic disease. By partnering with Omada, SWWC can offer at-risk individuals the help they need to proactively manage their health and work towards positive outcomes.

As of the end of 2018, 233 SWWC members are enrolled in the Omada program and have lost 1,175 pounds!

If you have questions about the program or would like more information, please contact your HR/Benefits Manager at your district, or Kari Bailey at kari.bailey@swsc.org .
Education Services

Mark your calendar! Students in grades K-8 love to explore science topics such as stars, archaeology, building rockets, minerals, cryogenics, how roller coasters work, electricity, STEM and so much more. These are the types of sessions student can attend at the 2019 Science & Nature Conference.

Date : May 15
Location : SMSU in Marshall
Keynote: Mike Zacher, from Aerostar International, a division of Raven Industries in Sioux Falls.
Watch for more info in February at www.swsc.org/sn

Keep up to date with Student Enrichment Events at www.swsc.org/studentactivities.
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