Health and Safety Reporting Reminders
OSHA 300-A Summary
The OSHA 300-A Summary of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses must be completed before February 1, and must be posted from February 1 through April 30. The summary must not be altered, defaced, or covered by other material. Electronic posting does not meet the legal posting requirements.
In addition to posting the summary for employees to view, establishments that have 20 or more employees are required to submit their OSHA 300 Logs electronically with OSHA by March 2, 2020 .

Tier II Reporting
Organizations, including school districts, that store any hazardous chemicals in quantities equal to or greater than 10,000 pounds or the Threshold Planning Quantity (TPQ) of any listed Extremely Hazardous Substances, are required to complete and submit a Tier II Emergency and Hazardous Chemical Inventory Report. The Tier II Reporting must be submitted no later than March 1, 2020.