April 2021 Edition

SYA is taking every precaution possible to keep our players safe. We follow all CDC, VA State, and Fairfax County guidelines for Return to Play. Please visit our website and click on the RETURN TO PLAY and MOMENTS NEWSLETTER  button to get all the information on how we intend to stay safe!
Spring Sports are in Full Swing!
Spring sports
Most of our spring sports are now active. If you have questions about our spring sports or missed our registration window, contact us at REGISTRAR@SYASPORTS.ORG.
This spring and summer, SYA welcomes warmer weather and the long-awaited return to play for the Youth Rugby Program. 
Experience the fast-paced excitement of a new sport great for all the kids in your family! SYA offers both non-contact and tackle versions of the sport providing opportunity for boys and girls to enjoy a safe, outdoor activity. 
The two-hand touch variety of the game, called “Tag”, is an exciting form of non-contact rugby that requires no prior knowledge of the game – just a willingness to learn and have fun!  SYA will be offering Tag Rugby from Kinder through 4th grade. The Tackle Rugby program is for 5th-8th graders who are ready for the more traditional form of the game. Also for this season, we will be offering as a "Trial Season", that 3rd and 4th graders have the option of trying the Tackle version. If the kids and/or parents feel it is too much for them, we can revert them back to the Tag Rugby version. At SYA, we teach the “shoulder leverage tackle” method, a technique which takes the head out of the tackle and is rapidly being adopted by football programs to teach safer tackling methods.  
Playing either version of the sport is an exciting opportunity for boys and girls to get outside and stay active, be exposed to a seriously fun activity in a competitive environment, develop abilities that will carry over to other sports, and develop positive character attributes.

Additional details and registration information is available online. 
Basketball, Travel Basketball tryouts, Track and Field, and Rugby registrations are available!
Register Now, and keep an eye on our Facebook page, and your email inbox for information.
Virginia Valor FC - Travel Soccer
One Community - One Club - Stronger Together
Summer Camps and Clinics
Field Hockey Commissioner
SYA wants to thank Molly Gift for her time as SYA Field Hockey Commissioner. Molly is leaving us so we are looking for a new Commissioner. Training and assistance is available. Please send us an email of your interests! ADMIN@SYAYOUTHSPORTS.ORG and type FIELD HOCKEY in the subject line.
It's On! The 2021 5th Annual Froghair Golf Classic
CYA and SYA have teamed up for another great Annual Froghair Golf Classic!

Friday, June 4th
Twin Lakes Golf Club
Clifton, VA

Register and learn more online, and be sure to check out our Facebook page.
SYA Adds Social Media/Marketing Interns for Spring 2021

To help with social media content, coordination and other SYA activities, we've brought on 5 interns to work with us this summer. We're thrilled to have them on the SYA team. Follow our Facebook Page to see their work, and learn more about them. Be sure to say hello if you see them at one of your games!
Eagle Scout Project
SYA has teamed up once again with the local Boy Scouts on an Eagle Scout project for Walker Yashko. A benefit to SYA and the Boy Scouts, we completed renovations to four of the Pitching Warm Up areas at the SYA owned Sports Park.

Congratulations to Walker and to SYA for another successful project!

Would you like to help offset the costs of these projects? Visit our website to donate now. www.syasportspark.org
SYA's Fields of Dreams SPORTS PARK

Located at 6626 Bull Run Post Office Rd, Centreville VA 20120

Please feel free to bring your pet to the SYA Sports Park, but please also keep your pet on a leash at all times and respect all participants and fans. (FCPS prohibits pets at their sports facilities, please respect this restriction.)
Each month we will highlight one of our SYA board members.

Meet Our Cheerleading Commissioner, Tammy McCarron

Tammy became involved with SYA in 2001 when her son began playing Little League baseball. Her involvement in that sport progressed to the point where eventually Tammy took on the role of Little League Baseball Commissioner for two years. Her husband, Bill, also got involved by coaching their son’s baseball teams for several years; and eventually, her son, Josh, went on to become an umpire for the Little League baseball program.

Tammy began coaching her daughter Jenna’s SYA Cheer Sideline team in 2010. In May 2012, Tammy was asked to take over as Commissioner for the SYA Cheer Sideline and SYA Extreme Competition Cheer programs. Since that time, Tammy has volunteered thousands of hours per year to making the SYA Extreme Competitive Cheer Program the most successful program in Virginia.

Tammy re-started the program in 2013 with 16 athletes, building the program to almost 150 athletes today. She has also been able to establish an SYA cheer gym facility in Chantilly, VA, for her athletes to practice in a clean, safe, and secure environment. Her Extreme teams have competed in various competitions in Maryland, Virginia, and Florida, having won numerous championship titles at every location. Tammy is not only Commissioner for the program, but a coach as well, coaching Extreme’s two senior-level teams. Tammy has also been the head cheerleading coach at Centreville High School for the past eight years, and her current Varsity team won the Concorde District Championship on March 15, 2021.

Tammy’s professional life is in the security threat assessment field currently working for the Department of Homeland Security. She lives in Centreville with her husband, Bill, and daughter, Jenna. Jenna is a member of Extreme Thunder and Extreme Black Ice (senior-level 3 and 4) and is also a Junior Coach for Extreme Storm (senior-level 2). Their son, Joshua, recently graduated from Mount St. Mary’s University and he currently resides in Frederick, MD. From time to time, during sideline cheer season, Joshua may show up at a football game as the Wildcat Mascot!

Tammy received the Commissioner of the Year award from SYA in 2015.
The Triple-Impact Competitor

PCA’s mission is to make high school and youth sports a Development Zone™ to develop Better Athletes, Better People. PCA’s Triple-Impact Competitor® model defines both Better Athletes and Better People.

The hallmark of a Triple-Impact Competitor is “better.” Better is reflected in the Olympic Motto – “Citius, Altius, Fortius!” – “Faster, Higher, Stronger! “

In the Olympics, it isn’t about being fastest, highest, strongest. Even if you are the best in the world in your event, you still want to get better. For the best, “better” is better than “best.”

A Triple-Impact Competitor works on three levels:

1) Self: Make oneself better by
  • Developing a Growth Mindset through maintaining a Teachable Spirit by being hungry for feedback,
  • Pursuing mastery by giving maximum effort at workouts, practices, and competitions,
  • Improving one’s “mental game” with tools like visualization, positive self-talk, and a Mistake Ritual to increase resiliency and more quickly bounce back from mistakes,
  • Setting goals, tracking progress, and making adjustments when facing the inevitable setback,
  • Being a “24-Hour Athlete” who avoids high-risk behaviors and manages diet, hydration, and sleep to optimize performance on and off the field.

2) Teammates: Become a leader who makes those teammates better by
  • Filling Emotional Tanks through encouragement and support,
  • Seeking opportunities to help team members improve,
  • Developing empathy to be able to put oneself in his or her teammates’ shoes,
  • Learning to give constructive criticism - at the right time in the right way,
  • Being a team player who prioritizes team success and builds team chemistry,
  • Learning to manage and resolve conflicts.

3) The Game: Guided by the ROOTS of Honoring the Game (respect for Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates, and Self) to make the game better. They use their status and influence as an athlete to improve their school community including helping to prevent hazing and bullying.

The Challenge:
Being a Triple-Impact Competitor is not easy. It requires mental discipline and knowing your values so well you don’t sacrifice them under pressure. But if you build a commitment to being a Triple-Impact Competitor into who you are as a person, you will find it can provide a larger meaning for your involvement in sports. And it will pay off for you in meaningful ways in the rest of your life
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