March 2021 Edition
SYA Offers 14 Different Sports!

Babe Ruth Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Cricket - NEW!, Field Hockey, Tackle and Flag Football, Lacrosse, Little League Baseball and Softball, Rugby, Soccer, Track & Field, Ultimate Frisbee (NEW SPORT coming), Volleyball and Wrestling

SYA Also Offers Travel Programs

We want to assure you that SYA takes every precaution possible to keep our players safe. We follow all CDC, VA State, and Fairfax County guidelines for Return to Play. Please visit the Return to Play page on our website to get more information on how we intend to stay safe!

SYA Registration for Spring Sports is Closing Soon!!!

We are in the final stages of spring 2021 registration so don't put off registration any longer! After a successful fall season outdoors, we are fully expecting to resume normal activities for our spring sports and have opened registrations for spring sports. We anticipate being on the fields as we normally would be with regular start and ending periods. We will of course monitor Fairfax County guidelines and protocols to follow and keep you posted by newsletter, email, and social media.

Please also consider volunteering as a coach, assistant coach, or any other volunteer positions in our winter and spring programs.

SYA is committed to following all CDC, VA state, and Fairfax county guidelines for return to play. Please visit our website and click on the header NEWS for all the documents.

We look forward to seeing you all soon. Register Now For Spring Sports >

SYA's First Movie Night Under the Stars at SYA Sports Park - SOLD OUT!

Our Movie Night Under the Stars was rescheduled to tonight Friday, March 5. Thank you to all the registered families for their flexibility! We are sold out tonight, but be sure to look for information for our next Movie Night under the Stars!
SYA's Fields of Dreams SPORTS PARK

Blankets that are placed on the rectangular fields over the winter to protect them have been removed and fields will start to be used this weekend (weather permitting).

* Note about dogs. SYA is pet friendly, however we must ensure the safety of our fields and our players. Please remember no dogs within 10' of any fields and
Please feel free to bring your pet, but please also keep your pet on a leash at all times and respect all participants and fans. Clean up after your pet. If you wander on our trails also be aware that there is wildlife that inhabit our woods, so please be careful and do not feed the wildlife. Thank you.

Located at 6626 Bull Run Post Office Rd, Centreville VA 20120
Get to Know Your SYA Board!
Each month we will highlight one of our SYA board members.

Meet Our Cricket Commissioner, Rajneesh Chadha!

In 2019 SYA welcomed the international sport of Cricket to the portfolio. Rajneesh S Chadha, who was then managing the sport as part of a small after-school program in the Centerville/Chantilly area brought the program to SYA.

Though new to SYA, Rajneesh has been involved with youth sports for a number of years, from being a player, to spectator, to game official, and finally as a coach. After moving to the Centreville area, the family had been exploring various sports for both the boys (then 9 & 11). As the kids were introduced to Cricket, they immediately took to it with their classmates.

The program has seen numerous successes including being the first to have an all girl's under 15 Cricket team and participating in US Zonal trials for the under 19 national team.
While cricket is the focal point, Rajneesh firmly believes in the SYA mission of providing a healthy, fun, and safe place for the children to spend time while building on important life skills like teamwork, respect, competitiveness, and self-worth.
SYA Soccer Spring Break Soccer Camp Registration is Open!

SYA Soccer will once again hold its highly popular, challenging, and fun spring break camp March 29-April 2 at SYA Sports Park!

Prepare your player for success on the soccer field for this spring and beyond while working with our Recreation Director and travel coaches!   

The camp is open to SYA and non-SYA players ages 5-14. Players ages 5 and 6 can attend half-day camp only. Players ages 7-14 have the option of attending half-day or full-day. We also have three-day and five-day options!

Full-Day is 9:00 am – 3:30 pm
Half-Day is 9:00 am - Noon

Click on "Register Here" for more information and to register!
Introducing Our Newest Sponsor!

We are very happy to introduce our community members to Novant Health UVA Health System Imaging – Centreville and Tysons. Both locations provide convenient, high-quality imaging at an affordable outpatient center cost and a remarkable experience at every visit. Services offered are MRI (3T wide-open bore, high field MRI), Arthrogram, CT Scan, X-Ray, and Ultrasound.
All Musculoskeletal and Neuroradiology examinations are performed on top-of-the-line equipment and interpreted by sub-specialty, fellowship-trained Radiologists, which is invaluable, especially for sports-related injuries.
Affordable rates are available for both insured and self-pay patients. Take the challenge and compare our prices! Your cost savings are likely worth a few minutes of your time, as often the results are hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in savings.
To learn more, or to receive a free estimated price quote or schedule an appointment, please call 703-242- 2016 or visit Centreville or Tysons Corner.

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Ten Injury Safety Tips For Sport Parents

The best defense is a great offense – for parents, that offense is being proactive in setting up your child for safety success by following these procedures:
1. Let's get [a] physical - Obtain a physical exam for your child before he/she begins a season or league. This is the most effective way to screen for any preexisting conditions and identify any potential injury risks.

2. Kick it into full gear - Understand the proper equipment needed for your child’s respective sport and make sure to acquire the right size with the appropriate fit. Continuously check/monitor the condition of the gear on a weekly basis throughout the course of the season and verify the equipment is worn correctly at all times.

3. Tread Lightly With Training - Monitor your child’s training to ensure sure slow and steady increases in intensity. Your child’s injury risk will rise if he/she puts too much strain on the body too quickly – a gradual progression will allow the muscles and cardiovascular system to increase their level of condition as training ramps up. A good rule of thumb is to abide by the “10 percent rule”: Do not increase training activity, weight, mileage, or pace by more than 10 percent per week. This will give your child’s body ample time to recover.

4. Rest, Recover, Repeat - Educate your child on the importance of getting a full night’s sleep. Encourage him/her to go to bed at a consistent time and to not stay up late. Preach the fact that proper rest and sleep will help replenish their energy to full strength and prepare them for the next competition.

5. Nurture Nutrition Habits - Supply your child with a well-balanced diet to fuel him/her with the vitamins and nutrients needed to compete at the highest possible level. If you think your child may need a dietary boost, talk to your medical provider about proper supplementation, and always consult your physician before taking any over-the-counter or prescriptive drugs.

6. Warm It Up! - Ensure your child is properly stretched and has gradually increased his/her heart rate before engaging in any practice or game. Warm-ups should begin with light jogging and other dynamic exercises to bring the heart rate above resting levels. Then, static stretching should be performed to relieve muscle tension. Teach your child to stretch just beyond the point of resistance and hold steady for 10-12 seconds – do not “bounce” back and forth.

7. Cool it down - Encourage your child to stretch immediately after a practice or game concludes to help avoid injuries and allow his/her heart rate to gradually return to a resting level.

8. Tackle the Temperature - Properly prepare for extreme weather conditions with the necessary attire and hydration habits to prevent heat exhaustion or heat strokes during extremely hot temperatures and frostbites or hypothermia during extremely cold conditions. Parents and coaches should pay close attention to make sure that all children are hydrated and appropriately dressed at all times.

9. Get Smart - Take the time to get informed about proper injury prevention strategies and actively incorporate these into your child’s routine. Be sure the youth sports program or school has an action plan that includes information on how to teach athletes ways to lower their chances of getting a concussion and how to prevent other injuries.

10. Set the Tone - Communicate positive safety messages and serve as a model of safe behavior through your own actions.

SYA Matdogs Wrap Up A Great Season!

The SYA Matdogs wrestling program has wrapped up its unique and extremely rewarding winter season! We want to congratulate nearly 40 Matdogs that wrestled this winter and thank our coaches and families for their tremendous support and diligence to ensure a safe and fun experience. Our Matdogs, whether participating strictly in practices, competing in the winter Wrestling Series at Top of the podium, or in state-level competitions always represented SYA well with great effort and attitude…and achieved many impressive results. The improvement over the course of the season of the collective group and at the individual level can be attributed to the awesome effort put forth by the kids in every practice and competition. Many Matdogs achieved great success during the season as SYA wrestlers littered the season-long leaderboard for wins and pins and many placed in the league championship and the Virginia State tournament. 

Planning for the 2021-2022 season has already begun. We’re extremely thankful for this season and look forward to welcoming new and returning families when we return to the mat in November.  
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