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August, 2020 Newsletter
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SYA Offers 16 Different Sports!

Babe Ruth Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Cricket - NEW!, Field Hockey, Tackle and Flag Football, Lacrosse, Little League Baseball and Softball, Rugby, Soccer, Track & Field, Ultimate Frisbee (has been postponed), Volleyball and Wrestling
SYA is Now Accepting Full Fall Sport Registrations!

SYA is excited to announce that we are proceeding with seasonal play for this fall for most of our sports and we will be following all CDC, VA State and Fairfax County guidelines. If during the season any of the above entities change their policy on competitive play, SYA will continue with our fall sport season with modifications that will adhere to those change(s). We want to give all our players an opportunity to be outside, exercise and interact with their teammates and friends! Since this is an ever-changing situation we live in, SYA is working hard with our Volunteers to continue to provide our youth with a sports outlet!

  • For those families with spring 2020 season registrations that elected to have their registration fees transferred to a future SYA season, please note that we have found a glitch in our system where your transferred fees do not react as a true credit in your household account. Bear with us as we work through this. Rest assured that we are able and will make any corrections to your balance if needed. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. 

  • If you pre-registered already for a fall sport, look for an email coming to you explaining how to finalize that registration and pay your fees!

Fall sports OPEN for registration are: Little League Baseball and Softball / Babe Ruth Baseball / Soccer / Cross Country. While our Field Hockey and Tackle Football will not be offered this fall, we are looking to open up for modified program for Football and Lacrosse. Look for more information coming soon!

You Can Also Try Out Our Newest Fall Sport Cricket!

The game is played internationally in 105 countries and is wildly popular in England, Australia, India, New Zealand and the Caribbean islands to name just a few. Cricket is played between two teams of 11 players each and one team fields and bowls while the other team bats to score runs. The coaches and volunteers are using modified equipment and norms to allow maxim participation from the young players. 

The program is now open for boys and girls, 7 to 14 year old, with varying degrees of experience in cricket. The fall season will start August 24th and registration is available. Please go to www.syasports.org for more information. In case of any questions please feel free to send an email to cricket@syasports.org. As with all our sports, this is a volunteer run program and ANY time you may be able to give would help our children play this game. Typical volunteer roles look like these:

Assistant Coach
Team Parent 

We look forward to introducing a new game to the kids for them to be able to get out and have fun on the field in a safe environment. 
Froghair Golf Classic Welcomes the Fairfax County Police!

We are eternally grateful to all of our local first responders and it is our distinct pleasure to host a group of Fairfax County Police Officers at this year's event! We look forward to spending a fun day on the golf course with you all!

SYA's Fields of Dreams SPORTS PARK

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, the Sports Park is open only for limited use by SYA programs and to maintenance personnel. We are keeping your park in great shape, with reduced services so that we are ready to fully open when we get through this crisis. Stay safe!

Located at 6626 Bull Run Post Office Rd, Centreville VA 20120
Visit our Sports Park website - click here
Get to Know Your SYA Board!

Each month we will highlight one of our SYA board members.
Meet Volleyball Commissioner Gary Duncan
SYA has become a large part of Gary’s family when he moved to VA in 2016. Both his daughters (Harper and Madison), who are growing up in Centreville, have played multiple SYA sports (Soccer, Softball, Basketball and Volleyball). Bryson is the next in line to start playing SYA sports when he gets of age! Gary started as an assistant coach in the Fall of 2017 and has held the positions of Head Coach starting in the spring of 2018 amassing 2 championships in 4 seasons. He was elected assistant volleyball commissioner in the Fall of 2018 and current position of commissioner in Oct of 2019.
Gary’s passion has always been Volleyball and being a mentor to young leaders. After Joining the Navy in 1992, he began playing and coaching Navy teams throughout his 27 years’ service. His knowledge and eagerness to see all the players and coaches succeed, along with having a proven and established team of commissioners at each level (Elementary, Middle school, High school, Travel and Club), has fostered an environment that is pushing SYA Volleyball to the next level, and a desired organization to play for, focusing on skill sets, fun, teamwork, and mentoring. Gary has said, “There is nothing more satisfying than working with our youth and seeing them gain confidence, and the skills not only in volleyball but in life as a whole.” 

The 2020 Froghair Golf Classic

Thank you to everyone that signed up and a special thanks to all our Sponsors. If you missed this years event, make sure you look to sign up next year early!

We still have a few sponsor slots available! Please contact us at 703-815-3362 or email us at sliskey@syasports.org for more information.
Honoring the Game

This week’s topic, “Honoring The Game,” is one of the most sacred of principles we teach for athletes, coaches, parents and leaders. It speaks to not only the reverence of the game but to the overall respect for the culture of the team. Coaches know honoring the game is critical to centering the values and behaviors of their players, especially in those times when things may not be going as planned.

Because life is a team sport, you as parents are finding yourselves stepping into the role of coach and the team you have to manage is your family unit. Learning to honor the game is uniquely valuable as we manage through this current predicament, but also as we look to the future there is an opportunity to reimagine together what youth sports can be.

Honoring The Game: ROOTS

The key tenets of this principle of honoring the game are represented by the acronym ROOTS, which stands for respecting Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates and Self. Roots are what hold a tree in place and roots are what hold your team in place. Each aspect is articulated below.

Honoring The Rules

The rules of a sport have been developed and modified for a reason. Rules keep the game fair, and they also keep athletes safe. It’s important not to try to work against the rules or bend them; respect the role they play in your sport. This is something that is relevant to athletes at any age and something you can start teaching your children at an early age. Right now as you manage your way through home life, you will find respect for the rules of the household are vitally important to maintaining a healthy routine.

Honoring The Officials

Officials are doing the best they can to enforce the rules and maintain a safe environment for play and there is never an excuse for disrespecting them, especially when you consider how important they are to the sport itself.

You can still have a game if you’re missing an assistant coach or even a star player, but without the official there is no game. Helping kids to honor the game by understanding and respecting the role of the official is a character development that will do them well as they become positive contributors to society as a whole.
The SYA "Real-Deal" Card is HERE!
All Businesses Have Agreed to hHonor the Card Through March 31, 2021!

SYA Families and Friends,
With the Coronavirus Pandemic that we have all been affected by, our efforts with this discount card, became a challenge. The good news is that all of our sponsors have a greed to honor the "deals" through March 31, 2021. And more good news, with the opening of our Fall Season, we are working with our sponsors to get a new card ready for all of 2021! Stay tuned and help us out when that card becomes available.

Please continue to support our sponsors who are all open for business!
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Eggspectation – Westone Plaza – 703-263-7444
BoneFish – Centreville/Farilakes – 703-815-7427 (C-ville) –
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Moe’s – Westone Plaza – 703-817-9540
Thank you very much for supporting both SYA and our local businesses.
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Questions? contact Scott Liskey - sliskey@syasports.org
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