Share One, Inc. | September 2019
Contract Renewals for 2019
Share One's management and staff wish to recognize our latest contract renewals.

1. Bridgeton Onized Federal Credit Union , Bridgeton, NJ
Tamara Ciccioli, President/CEO , Assets: $36M - Client since 2012

2. Federal Employees West Federal Credit Union , Los Angeles, CA
Edward Fox, President/CEO , Assets: $11M - Client since 2014

3. JM Associates Federal Credit Union , Jacksonville, FL
Jim Ryan, President/CEO , Assets: $118M - Client since 2007
SYNC 2019 Completed and Successful!
"As always, we are grateful for the time and effort our clients take to attend SYNC," said Teri Van Frank, President/CEO. "Conference is our opportunity to collaborate directly with clients about Share One developments and also to create a forum for networking between credit union leaders. We all face many of the same challenges. Working together spreads knowledge, improves our system, and makes us stronger."
SYNC 2019 attendees listened as Share One staff members translated the sometimes complicated technical language of the latest financial service trends.
The official kick-off was held at Old Dominick Distillery featuring live music, cocktails, distillery tours, and Greek-inspired cuisine.

For the third year, SYNC featured an enhancement voting session, allowing attendees to vote on the development priority of a curated list of enhancement requests. The winning prioritized development enhancements are listed below.
Winning Prioritized Development Enhancements
Keynote Speaker and Certified Speaking Professional Jeff Tobe challenged attendees to step outside their comfort zones and "Color Outside the Lines." He provided insight on how to look at a challenge from a different perspective and to be competitive in today's marketplace through creative and innovative problem solving.

Click here to view more pictures of SYNC 2019.

Stay tuned for SYNC 2020 dates coming soon!
Share One Headquarters is Moving to the Forum!
Share One is moving from Thousand Oaks campus to the Forum complex on Kirby Parkway! All staff will have completed the move and be completely operational at the new location on Monday, September 30.

New Address:
1790 Kirby Parkway, Suite 200
Memphis, TN 38138

All phone numbers, extensions, and other points of contact will stay the same. Some of the staff have already completed the move and successfully connected at the new location. Customer Support, including the Service Center team, and Technical Support are moving in stages so that client support is not interrupted. Again, all staff will be completely operational at the new location on Monday, September 30! Moving forward, please send any mail to the new Kirby Parkway address listed above.
NewSolutions Release 9.0 and NSHome Upgrade in October
Share One will be retiring RSA in October in favor of the product from SecureAuth. Many hours of testing have been completed, and the SecureAuth product is already running alongside RSA to learn all about your members' login history, to make way for a smooth transition.

You should have received information previously on your choice of challenge questions. Thank you for your responses. We will upgrade this after completing your required NewSolutions 9.0 (v9) upgrade.

In Summary:
  • We will begin the roll out of NewSolutions 9.0 beginning October 7.
  • We will advise you of your slot for the upgrade.
  • Your NSHome upgrade will be shortly after your v9 upgrade. Web team will advise.
  • Updates on the upgrade will follow.

Please call or email Scott Bush if you have any questions.
NewSolutions Release 9.0 - New Software Required
In order to receive the NewSolutions v9 upgrade, available in October, you will need to install some new software.

Beginning with NewSolutions Release 9.0, all client computers/servers will need the Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 11.X. The download is available HERE .

Once again, until this is done, you cannot upgrade to NewSolutions 9.0. The installation will not interrupt NewSolutions applications.
Customer Portal Upgrade Scheduling
One of the many useful features of our new Customer Portal is Upgrade Scheduling. It allows you to schedule your Tuesday upgrades quickly from inside the Portal, complete with a calendar invite to remind you.

To schedule an upgrade, click the blue Release Notes button from the Portal's home page. Then click in the "Schedule a NewSolutions upgrade" field. The Calendar appears, where you can move to your desired Tuesday of your desired month.

For further documentation on Upgrade Scheduling, please CLICK HERE or reference the complete Customer Portal Help document linked on the top right of the Portal.
Compliance: Compliance Presentation Key Resources
SYNC 2019's Compliance presentation focused on various topics of interest.

Please CLICK HERE for key resources of Anita King's compliance presentation.
Release Notes
  • This release includes the Delphi 10 upgrade along with enhancements to Collections, Enterprise, Loan Origination, Reports, Standalone OFAC, Teller and Add-On Products.

  • This release includes enhancements to Suffix Details and Transfers.

  • This release introduces support for the facial recognition feature on Apple devices. With this feature, users are able to authenticate into their mobile banking account by using their iPhone's integrated facial recognition in lieu of a fingerprint reader.
  • A second major addition with this release is the update for the new Vertifi Image Processing (VIP) Libraries (version 7.5). These new libraries add more utility to rear endorsement validation and allows for customizable instructional graphics.
Disaster Recovery Test Schedule
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