Welcome to the April Cirrostratus Group newsletter.

I've believed for a while that Artificial Intelligence (AI) would become an integral part of SaaS solutions but it was hard to quantify or find any list of SaaS companies in that category. Although there is no way to determine if this list is exhaustive, it probably isn't, I have found a list of these companies at the Latka site. This information indicates that there are 469 companies in that category ranging from small to very large and it gives an idea of the range of solutions using AI. I certainly expect this list will grow substantially.

The market for cloud solutions and for SaaS products continues to grow and SaaS valuations are at an all time high.

Metrics have always been important in SaaS and based on some of the information below it may be time to review what metrics you're using.

Paul Ressler
The Cirrostratus Group